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23 January 1983


The article "Space flights - on a ring?" about the invention of Anatoly Yunitskiy published in the weekly newspaper "Moscow News"

The weekly newspaper "Moscow News", published in several languages, January 23, 1983 published an article "Space flight - on a ring?" about the invention of Anatoly Yunitskiy.

The article - Space flights on a ring - about the invention of Anatoly Yunitsky published in the weekly newspaper Moscow News

Sooner or later, according to many scientists and engineers, to avert overheating of the atmosphere, most energy-intensive industries will have to be put into orbit. But is this really a cure-all? "Suspending" just one per cent of the world's industry over the planet would require 10,000 million tons of cargo turn-over. This would expend yet more energy, adding to the heated atmosphere...

Anatoly Yunitskiy, an engineer from Gomel, thinks that the problem can be solved. What we need is to give up rockets as traditional space transportation. As an alternative, Yunitsky suggests surrounding the globe with a ring running along the Earth's equator. If the ring is then expanded a mere 2 to 4 per cent, it will be lifted from the surface of the Earth and go hundreds of kilometers up in space.

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