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4 June 1996


Newspaper "Vecherny Minsk" published an article "Shall we take a ride on the string?"

The staff of Minsk enterprise "New Transport Lines" offers a new mode of transport. If the circumstances are favorable, the first track will be a pilot line "Minsk - Raubichy". A hemispherical streamlined body can hardly be called an airplane, train or car. It has no specific name so far. This unusual module the size of a comfortable minibus is running on string rails, stretched on sustainable supports at the speed of 500-600 kilometers per hour. Therefore, someday, you would be able to get from Minsk to Berlin within just a couple of hours.

What are the strings? The answer to this and other questions is in the article "Shall we take a ride on the string?" (in Russian) published in the newspaper "Vecherny Minsk" ("Evening Minsk") on June 4, 1996.

Newspaper Vecherny Minsk published an article Shall we take a ride on the string?

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