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1 December 1996


Commercial Offer: Investment Project "High-speed String Transport"

The present commercial offer "Investment project "High-speed String Transport" has been drawn up by Anatoly Yunitskiy, the author and designer of the string transport systems (STS) to attract investors, business partners. The amount of investments is USD 35,000,000 (for US conditions) or USD 8,000,000 for costs in one of the CIS countries. The investment is needed to complete the designing, its carrying structure, supports, the transport module, the auxiliary systems and to erect a pilot stretch and a pilot module. It will allow to promote the STS at international markets as a radically new product and to gain leadership in a niche to be created by then.

Commercial Offer: Investment Project - High-speed String Transport

The main expected profits are:

  1. from selling licenses for research and development results;
  2. from attracting contractors to erect transport line;
  3. from financing, commerce and production by using the means of investors, share holders, banks, financial and official structures, manufacturers, foundations and individuals both for implementation of the project, erection of separate lines.

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