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8 June 2011


Video: High-speed inter-city String Transport System

UST General Designer Anatoly Yunitskiy presents High-speed inter-city String Transport System.

High-speed inter-city String Transport System:

  • the most efficient passenger transport system at an average distances;
  • highly resistant to flooding, earthquakes and other natural disasters;
  • does not destroy surrounding flora and fauna;
  • preserves natural landscape and biogeocenosis;
  • service life of string-rail track structure is 50-100 years;
  • land allocation the same as for pedestrian walkway (less than 1000 sq. meters per kilometer);
  • high aerodynamic properties (3.5 times better than that of a sports car);
  • carrying capacity of 100,000 passengers per day;
  • low cost of transportation (USD 2.9 per 100 km);
  • operational speed is up to 500 km per hour;
  • minimum noise and emission impact on human health and environment.

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