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5 January 2019


Myfin.by: SkyWay are professionals with excellent skills

The largest Belarusian Internet finance and business platform Myfin.by published an article about the features of the staffing in SkyWay. As it notes, there is no university program in Belarus capable of training specialists for string transport technologies. The tasks that the string transport developers have to face are unique, so the Company pays special attention to the improvement of employees, their ability to make unconventional decisions:

"SkyWay Technologies Co. uses special Industry 4.0 software. It is a pity that there are a few experts that can work with it in Belarus. Therefore, when a newcomer joins the team, he/she still needs to go through a sort of "boot camp", during which he/she will gain skills in the general digital environment. [...] Much attention is paid to training: there are also English courses that have already become familiar to metropolitan companies, and many more unusual programs that are conducted in cooperation with educational centers."

Myfin.by: SkyWay are professionals with excellent skills

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