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8 January 2019


A popular Youtube channel Hubble posted a video highlighting Anatoly Yunitskiy's ideas

Issues of ecology and man-made impact on the world around are worrying many people today. The Internet community is increasingly asking the question: what should humanity undertake in order to avoid a dystopian future, in which children will have to be taken on a tour to the last surviving tree. SkyWay project offers its strategy. A comprehensive approach based on a fundamental change in the transport system on Earth and in space, proposed by its founder, Anatoly Yunitskiy, aims to preserve the environment and bring out the harmful industry into orbit. This was recently announced at the cosmonautics Youtube channel Hubble:

Translation of the video:

Narrator: Technologies are the driver moving progress forward at all times. Heating caves with fires was the first ancient life hack that came at a price to our primitive relatives. Due to a great air pollution in stuffy stone bags, the duration of human life did not exceed 20 years. Death of lung cancer was a usual thing.

Nowadays the place of ancient fires is taken up by enterprises, nuclear power plants, airplanes, ocean liners, rockets and legions of vehicles transforming a blossoming planet into a mechanized termite nest. Air, water and soil became a deadly cocktail saturated with elements of Mendeleev's table. Several generations more and energy reserves will be exhausted, the climate will change to such a degree that the Earth will become virtually unfit for life.

Nevertheless, the mankind enjoys Elon Musk's rocket launches. The blind enthusiasm does not allow to understand that this is slowly liquidating all of us. Besides, such technologies are super-costly and the possibilities of a modern rocket are limited. Just think, the cost of one launch exceeds hundreds million dollars. And the cost for delivering one ton of load into the orbit reaches USD 10 mln. Obviously, rockets are unable to satisfy the needs of space industry in full scale under such conditions. However, they are destroying the planet's ozone layer at a crucial rate.

By its efficiency, the rocket transport can be compared to a cart harnessed with a couple of strong horses, though hundreds times more expensive. But despite the inexpedience of this affair, above a trillion dollars were spent on the senseless race for the last 70 years. What can save our civilization from self-destruction? Is there an alternative for a non-rocket space exploration and how can the planet be spared from hazardous and dangerous industries?

The solution is available! It is called SpaceWay. SpaceWay is a General Planetary Vehicle, which was developed 40 years ago by a Belarussian engineer. Anatoly Yunitskiy is a talented inventor, successful entrepreneur, member of Cosmonautics Federation. His brand SkyWay has been introduced to the world community at 16 International exhibitions for the last two years.

Why can the inventor dare to claim that this project will replace many transport systems and optimize the field of space transportation? Anatoly Yunitskiy has designed two fundamentally different transport systems: ground-based and cosmic. Let's talk about the more global of them. To implement this idea, it is necessary to build a ring along the equator. It will have a flywheel inside running in a vacuum channel on a magnetic suspension accelerated by a linear motor. Increasing in diameter, the ring will smoothly rise above the Earth until it reaches the required height. Thus, it would be possible to bring out about 10 mln tons of cargo into the orbit with one "flight" using centrifugal force. In addition, the cost of 1 ton will be less than 1,000 dollars. It is 10,000 times less costly than while using a rocket. The economic effect will reach USD 100 trillion per one "flight".

People on Earth will obtain inexhaustible resources of outer space sparing the planet from technological exploitation. However, no one is ready to finance this program today. Neither Russia with its Ros˝osmos Corp., nor the American NASA, nor the UN. Testing of the project needs substantial investment — USD 100 billion. And the full-scale implementation of SpaceWay requires about USD 1.5 trillion. In this case the industry will cope to meet the needs of mankind at the planet's scale and will be brought out beyond the Earth's limits.

You may say, "Huge amount of funds!" If you do not think it over — yes. But in reality it is only 2—3 US annual military budgets. So, should we forget about the project capable to change the course of history and speed up the progress? No! It will be implemented. Anatoly Yunitskiy plans to acquire the needed funds with the profits from his other invention. This is an overland string transport SkyWay that is entering the market with a multi-billion chartered capital alongside with such giants as Ford, Boeing, Apple and Samsung. The new mode of transport will solve a number of environmental, economic and social problems of the earthly community. The benefits of this innovation are plenty.

  1. ABSOLUTE SAFETY. Asphalt stranglers called "roads" will not kill people and animals any more — SkyWay passes above the ground. Therefore, any collisions are excluded. Accidents will be reduced by 100 times and the safety of the transport system will be increased by 2,000 times. Automated control will exclude destructive impacts of the human factor.
  2. RESOURCES SAVING. There will be no need to dig huge mounds, cut off woods, destroy great areas of fertile soil sacrificing them to build highways and railroads. Spans between supports at certain sections may reach from 40 meters to 5—7 km, which will save a great deal of useful land.
  3. PRIME COST REDUCTION. The track structures will allow to arrange traffic at various levels. For example, one rigid uncut track is built, but two routes will operate on it. The secret of saving funds is in technologies and materials. A rail with strings stretched inside is used. It is arranged between supports managing great loads. This will allow to save on materials due to tensioning of strings. One more know-how is a special concrete filling the rail. The unique technology will reduce the noise from wheel rolling, make the rail stronger and more lightweight, prevent corrosion. As a result, less material will be needed and the operational lifetime of the track will be considerably increased.
  4. PROSPECTS FOR THE FUTURE. The team behind the SkyWay project assumes it will be economically efficient and profitable. According to their forecast, it will decrease the cost of cargo haulage and passenger servicing, ensure fast and low-cost transfer from remote regions. As they say, a travel to any point in the world will need 10 times less electric power or fuel compared to conventional means. SkyWay will be theoretically less-costly than a train on magnetic cushion. Construction of a monorail road costs from USD 100 mln per 1 km, and the erection of the string route — from USD 1 mln. The project by the Belarussian scientist is 15 times less costly than the Hyperloop vacuum train. SkyWay can improve the climate on Earth in the future, bring about a colossal economic effect and become a salvation in the locations that are affected by floods and desert invasion. The developers are planning to lay SkyWay systems under the conditions of permafrost and mountains, where it is impossible to build other roads.

Dreams may be plenty, but, as they use to say, time will show. However, it is evidently worth pushing forward and supporting the project. At present, the project relies upon crowdfunding only. You can see more details on it at the link in the description. To date, thanks to public investments the Company has built a test site in Belarus. Now SkyWay is conducting performance trials at EcoTechnoPark.

Three types of transport are undergoing running tests: urban, high-speed (accelerating up to 500 km/h) and cargo (with the throughput capacity of 200 mln tons per year). The team of fellows in charge of the project say, "SkyWay in the future is the absence of traffic jams and accidents, smog and noise, environmental safety, expedite and considerably less-costly transportation of people and cargo to any point of the planet, activation of space developments.

According to the plans, SkyWay should be a more efficient and less-costly transport than the existing analogues. Certainly, there will always appear sceptics opposing progressive ideas. If we plunge back into history, we will see that none of the technical inventions (vehicle, train, airplane) were accepted by the society at once. Instead, they were implemented years later. But now, we do not imagine neither the past nor the future without the "iron birds" that, according to critics of the past, would not fly up.

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