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9 January 2019


Interview in Bratislava

On December 11, 2018, Anatoly Yunitskiy, General designer and author of SkyWay technology, was awarded the Slovak Peace Prize. Immediately after the ceremony, the engineer gave an interview, in which he shared his impressions and thoughts on the problems that set the keynote of the event determining the significance of the award as a whole. We have posted part of the conversation with the engineer earlier.

Anatoly Yunitskiy - Interview in Bratislava

In continuation of the conversation there are global challenges and, arising in their light, the need to consolidate countries and states, the unifying potential of SkyWay string transport and other topics that affect everyone anyway.

Translation of the video:

Anatoly Yunitskiy: The Slovak Peace Prize is actually the first International recognition of what I am doing, of the SkyWay program. Honestly speaking, I am not living with the past in my mind, but I am sick and tired of listening to those screams I've been hearing for 40 years. They called me a spy, a criminal... I am tired of hearing about criminal cases filed against me. They took away from me everything about 10 times and I had to start it all again. I don't live with it. Generally speaking, I hold no grudge against those who did it, because, in fact, it was sort of training. Thanks for that education and you should pay for education, right? I just sometimes feel tired of it. It is boring. This is actually the first International recognition of the rightness of what I am doing. That's why the Slovak Peace Prize is very important for me primarily from these positions. And it was done by our friendly country — Slovakia. It is not in my homeland. The attitude is quite different in my homeland. Both from officials and media, especially from the yellow press. And here I felt the warmth, with which I was met here, smiles, good wishes for the development and progress — it is all very important for me, for the things we are doing. We have above a million of partners and participants. Hundreds of thousand investors are among them. We are promoting the ideology of peace on the planet Earth. Let us live peacefully. Let us do common business in the interests of all people, but not separate countries. The world that has been created and exists is actually the civilization of consumption. Consume as much as possible at the expense of neighbors. If it is necessary, take it away from them or kill them and take it away from them. All the ways to reach the goal are acceptable. The main goal of any Company is gaining profit. It is stated in legislation and pursued by SkyWay Technologies Co. according to its charter, too. If all the entities have gaining profit as the basic goal, the present situation will only deteriorate. It will lead to nothing good, because most of the people have a wrong perception of the world and future. Unfortunately, if we take a Constitution of any country, we won't find a word about the planet and civilization in it. There are only local interests of our particular nation, our particular country, our particular small or large territory. Not giving a damn about the neighbors, about this planet. You know, while these interests prevail, there will be no good. It will be only worse. However, we have another program, another perception and I am sure that our perception will come to other people. Then the situation on the planet will change. We can sit down at the negotiating table. We can determine common goals and tasks. We can find the ways to solve them. I have shown long ago, above 30 years ago, in my publications, monographs and at the conference organized by me on non-rocket space exploration in 1988 that the General Planetary Vehicle is the only solution that allows to bring out the industry into the outer space based on the laws of physics. The industry in interested in the society of consumption. The basic rule is to produce and consume as much as possible. It is all done by means of the industry. As long as the industry develops in the same niche with the biosphere, the industry will kill the biosphere and man. In other words, the child (biosphere) will kill its parents (humanity). We cannot separate them in time, we can separate them in space. We have the near outer space. We can bring the industry out there and let it service us. It can be done only by the General Planetary Vehicle, which will be able to deliver there 10 mln tons of cargo and about 10 mln of passengers eco-friendly in one "flight". The passengers will work there and maintain the industry in the near space. The cost of delivery will be 10,000 times less than that with carrier rockets today. As for the existing world problems and tendencies, I understood long ago, about 40 years ago, that our civilization is heading to a dead-end. At the time, when the Club of Rome was very popular and demonstrated the vectors of humanity development and claimed that it will perish sooner or later. Even at that time I thought that it was possible to avoid it and I started to look for the ways to solve this problem. I have set up an organization to implement these plans. It was in the Soviet times, when it was permitted to create alternative commercial entities. I was one of the first in the USSR to create such society — the Center "Star World". It was the Center of Youth Scientific and Technical Creativity. It was an alternative to "Star Wars" promoted by the USA at that time. Therefore, I called that Center "Star World". I started to involve professionals and scientists, received a grant of USD 200,000 from the Soviet Peace Fund for it and development of certain aspects of "EcoMir" program. Its basic concept was the understanding that the industry should be transferred to the outer space. And it was not possible to do it with rockets. It should be a non-rocket means. I found the solution to do it with the General Planetary Vehicle. Right at that time in 1989, I have written the program "EcoMir", which combined two very important notions: ecology (eco) and "mir" (world) — EcoMir. It was 30 years ago. The program was written in 1988—1989. It is posted at my website of engineer Yunitskiy. It contains the structure of the future civilization showing that there is a bioworld. This is not man, not humanity. This is the whole life available in the biosphere with millions of species of living creatures. And man is not the most important body in this biosphere. Speaking in biological language, man is rather a fungus in a Petri dish, who will kill everything after eating up all the recourses. I understood it even at that time, therefore there should also exist the world of sense — homoworld. We differ from animals primarily by the fact that we have a center of abstract thinking. Right here. We are able to think abstractly and forecast the future. We can understand, where we are heading and change this vector, if the path leads to a dead-end. There is also a technoworld in that future structure. Such are the three components: bioworld, homoworld and technoworld. The program "EcoMir" describes it. The main prize for me will be to see the things that I am heading to, the final results. We have already built test tracks in Belarus, where 4 types of certified rolling stock are running, operating and reaching the parameters I had spoken about. But this is only the beginning of the path. I would like to see millions of string routes on the planet Earth, to see millions of saved human lives that would not die in traffic accidents, to see turned-over asphalt and humus instead of it placed there by our technologies. Flowers will blossom on that humus. To see the power industry, other industries, chemical production located not in our home, in the biosphere of the planet Earth, but in the orbit. When I see it, I'll be happy.

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