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19 January 2019


Oleg Kudyolko, Director of construction comments on the expansion of production areas

The news service of SkyWay Group of Companies continues to highlight the most significant news of the project, including the expansion of production areas at SkyWay Technologies Co., where rolling stock of string transport is created. In our reports, we repeatedly talked about the new high-tech equipment, production processes and non-standard approaches to solving the most complex engineering tasks applied at a special design and technology Bureau with the pilot production facility of the SkyWay design organization.

The first video report of the year continues this tradition, telling about the construction of a new production facility to create string transport. It's no secret for anybody that its developers have received an offer that cannot be refused: a place at the Innovative research technological park of the Emirate of Sharjah in the UAE, which deserved the glory of a new Silicon Valley, where the boldest projects from flying taxis to block-chain technologies are developing. As for SkyWay technologies, the Company will work to adapt urban and cargo vehicles, which have already shown themselves at EcoTechnoPark in Belarus, to specifics of operation in the Middle East. In addition to this site, another large area in the neighboring emirate was allocated. Hyper-speed SkyWay will be tested there.

Despite the exploration of new regions, the development of the Company in Belarus does not stop. On the contrary, all this made it necessary to build a new production facility for SkyWay Technologies Co. next to the existing one. Such an increase in capacity will make it possible to move from the pilot production to the mass one, which Oleg Kudyolko, Director of construction, will explain to you in detail in this interview.

Translation of the video:

Mikhial Kirichenko: Hello! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko with you. You are watching SkyWay news, where we report on the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. I hope you will enjoy the first video report in this year. We are broadcasting from the construction site, where we continue to build a new production facility of SkyWay Technologies Co. My today's interlocutor is Oleg Kudyolko, Head of construction work. Good day, Oleg!

Oleg Kudyolko: Hello!

M.K.: Would you tell us please when you started the erection of this building.

O.K.: Construction of this facility started in mid-August. At first these were earthworks, then we continued to build the foundation bed in September, October and November. And we started to erect the basic framework of metal and bricks in December. Therefore, as you see, we've been doing the superstructure for a little more than a month. These are a production facility in metal design and an administration building in brick version. Its ground floor is already made. Two more floors will be added. The construction plan assumes completion of the superstructure frame for the production workshop and the administration building in February. We shall start roofing and finishing work in early March. According to the plan, the construction should be completed in July or early August.

M.K.: Oleg, you have already mentioned the purpose of this building. What was the necessity to build a new production facility?

O.K.: It was caused by the necessity for SkyWay Technologies Co. to start a series manufacturing of components and vehicles. As we know today, the pilot production has reached such a level that it is ready to start mass production. We also know that the contracts are also at the stage of signing. Certainly, it is clear that the need of string technologies to enter the market causes the growth of the company's own production capacity. Due to it, this facility is the first steps in this direction.

M.K.: Is it proceeding by quality and deadline as scheduled or are there any offsets? Anyway, we had many holidays lately.

O.K.: The construction is conducted strictly according to the schedule. We don't see any delays today. We have taken into account winter weather conditions in our schedules, therefore, we are working today normally according to the plans. Although strenuously, I should say, but according to the schedule.

M.K.: Thank you very much. I wish success to all of us. Sign up to our YouTube channel. Follow the news update at our official website. Support our project. And pleasant news will be waiting for you in the beginning of every year.


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