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13 February 2019


Main trends of the World Government Summit

On February 10-12, the World Government Summit is held in Dubai, the UAE, where SkyWay string transport was presented with the support of the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The event brought together an impressive number of influential guests including former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria, IMF Director Christine Lagarde, Director-General of the International Labor Organization Guy Ryder, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and even actor Harrison Ford and rapper Will.i.am. In total — more than 4,000 influential people from around the world.

Technologies in all their embodiments — from the components of a "smart city" to the impact of artificial intelligence on the status of women in society — became a general subject of discussion during the summit.

Smart cities

The direction of the development in the UAE in the coming years was announced by the Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, who chose an impressive and technologically advanced format for his speech: the speech was made by his hologram. In his speech, the Crown Prince spoke about the importance of developing information technologies for the formation of future cities. He noted that in the future, every resident of the city will generate and consume energy from renewable sources such as solar panels.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed stressed that in the coming years Dubai plans to automate the transport sector. The city administration intends to reduce traffic by 40% and ensure that 80% of the population would be able to get home from work in less than 20 minutes.

Main trends of the World Government Summit

Together with his father Mohammed ibn Rashid Al Maktoum, Emir of Dubai, Prime Minister and Vice-President of the United Arab Emirates, Crown Prince visited SkyWay string transport pavilion. The project at the summit is presented by the Dubai RTA. This agency plans to introduce a new type of transport Dubai Sky Pods together with SkyWay developers.


Maria Fernanda Espinosa Garces, President of the UN General Assembly called on the summit participants to pay attention to environmental problems. She reminded the representatives of opposing political forces gathered at the event about the need to continue the strategy of the Paris Agreements. She noted that greed, political conflicts, nationalism and isolationism accelerate global climate changes.

The famous actor Harrison Ford, during his speech, focused on the fact that solution of environmental problems is "the main moral challenge of our time." On the eve of the summit, he released an emotional video, in which he called on the guests of the event to join the discussion.

Robotic automation

The UAE announced at the summit that the first world robot-challenge will take place in their country. The event will be held in October 2019 and will bring together young developers of artificial intelligence and designers of robots from around the world.

At the forum, they have also demonstrated a robot from ANYbotics, which will be used in agriculture, industry and rescue operations.

SkyWay technology attracted the attention of the guests at the International Government Summit. String transport corresponds to the main trends announced at the event. It is eco-friendly, energy efficient, automated and safe. The summit will end soon and the information service will reveal the details about it firsthand. Follow our news update!

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