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26 February 2019


Dassault Systèmes: SkyWay is developing interdisciplinary interaction based on 3D Experience platform

The website of Dassault Systèmes Co., a leading developer of digital platforms for project designing and manufacturing, has posted a presentation of 3D Experience platform, which demonstrates the background of its practical application based on the example of creating SkyWay transport systems.

As a reminder, in order to improve the quality and competitiveness of the product being developed, SkyWay project designing enterprise decided in early 2018 to introduce an integrated digital environment for designing and producing SkyWay transport/infrastructure complexes — 3D Experience. This platform provides an efficient interdisciplinary interaction of various structural units in the context of creating a single project, and also allows to make quickly required changes at any stage of its creation. All changes introduced by engineers into the layout pattern are reflected in the final model, calculations of technical features and cost of the final product.

"The platform is ideally suited for developing our integrated transport network," says Anatoly Yunitskiy, General Designer, SkyWay Technologies Co. "We need to take into account the smallest details, so as to trace afterwards the fate of each project including its operation and disposal, and to know the fate of every part, including that in manufacturing. Only 3D Experience platform allows to proceed with such an approach."

SkyWay Technologies Co. is developing in the logic of Industry 4.0 applying advanced solutions to create a high-tech product that meets top requirements.

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