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27 February 2019


Dubai is among the smartest cities in the world — also thanks to SkyWay

The University of Glasgow published the rating of the smartest cities in the world in the "Journal of Urban Technologies". It includes 28 cities. Dubai ranks higher than Los Angeles, Stockholm, Melbourne, Tokyo, Vancouver, Shanghai, Copenhagen, Beijing, Brussels becoming the leader among the cities of the Middle East and North Africa.

One of the reasons for such a high position of Dubai in the rating was the program to automate the transport system. One of its components should be SkyWay string transport. Representatives of Dubai's transport sector stated that at the World Government Summit. Based on SkyWay solutions, they plan to create a new type of public transport — Dubai Sky Pods.

"The ranking of the smart cities was determined through how the cities addressed social, economic and environmental challenges through new technologies.

With all the new technology Dubai is planning or has already implemented, is it that much of a surprise? For starters, Dubai is planning to make a quarter of all transport completely automated.

The city is also expecting to have flying taxis by 2020, which means zipping across the sky will be part of the norm. It also revealed futuristic sky pods as a mode of transport, with a power efficiency that's better than electric vehicles."

Dubai is among the smartest cities in the world — also thanks to SkyWay

Read the full article at this link.

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