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9 March 2019


Adva Hunter: reality augmented with SkyWay

Interview with the creators of the mobile application Adva Hunter, which allows to insert SkyWay string transport into any landscape virtually. The tool, created on the basis of technologies of augmented reality, makes it possible to clearly demonstrate the advantages of SkyWay transport, its design and aesthetic features, the possibilities to integrate transport and infrastructure complexes in a variety of landscapes, urban buildings, infrastructure of industrial enterprises and so on. The application is designed to assist in the promotion of SkyWay through the crowdinvesting system. In addition, it allows to create unique images, providing the user with a new space of creativity and self-realization.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko: Hallo! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko with you. You are watching SkyWay news reporting on the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies. Today we will have quite an innovative development. Our guests here are our partners Dmitry Slyusar and Maxim Issyp, representatives from the company Innovative Smart Technologies. They have developed for all supporters and partners of our project a special innovative application, which I first saw in Berlin. It impressed me greatly. I'd like to tell you that this app has recently appeared in the Internet. Is it the same that I saw in Berlin or is it somehow updated? Or, perhaps, it is a continuation of what I have seen?

Dmitry Slyusar: This is an updated app. We have modernized it and now, as you said, it is available for everyone in the Internet.

M.K.: OK. Your offer is called Adva Hunter. Is it some advanced hunter? Who do we hunt after, gentlemen?

D.S.: I am going to explain the concept of this name. There are two components laid down here: "adva" means "advanced", and as for "hunter" — I hope it is clear. But this is not a hunting after somebody, this hunting is mostly creative, hunting for aspect angles, because this is a tool, a generator of a visual content. Respectively, when we are hunting for aspect angles, we show in that app that SkyWay technology may be here and now, in the vicinity where a person is staying.

M.K.: That is, the purpose of creating this app is to show how some locality will look like, if SkyWay transport system is built on it. Am I right?

D.S.: Yes, absolutely right. Any locality, any city, any settlement, anywhere you want.

M.K.: What is the target audience of your innovative offer with the use of augmented reality?

Maxim Issyp: Mikhail, we all know well that SkyWay technology has been supported now by about half a million people all over the world. Naturally, it is now a separate social unit on the entire planet Earth. These are people who supported the technology and want its deployment.

M.K.: Well, these are active supporters. But those who have registered and follow the course of events are twice more.

M.I.: Yes. I am speaking about those people who have shown their intentions on registering. They support the technology and want its implementation. Respectively, this app will be applicable right for these people. But there is one more very important point. We know that people supported the technology through crowdinvesting, too. Therefore, for the people that are developing the technology this way, it will be a very functional tool that will make their work in this direction easier. It will save time, it will bring about a fast result that our partners participating in the crowdinvesting system want to obtain.

M.K.: Thank you very much. If your app should be somehow illustrated in this interview, I think it is right the time to do it.

Everything is very interesting. And now in particular. What is this app for? There are many various apps: to a journal, a magazine, etc. Is it for a phone or anything else?

D.S.: This is a mobile app used in mobile technologies, smartphones and tablet computers.

M.K.: For example, I have a smart phone or a tablet computer. I want to get this app. Where can I get it?

D.S.: It is available on open access at such world-famous platforms as Google Play and App Store. You enter "Adva Hunter", see and load this app to your device.

M.I.: I'd like to add something here to your question "What is this app for?"

M.K.: In general, I understand it is needed to promote SkyWay technology, to popularize it so as more people would get to know it. Would get to know about the innovative technology using innovative methods. You know, you can promote a sledge-hammer using a sheet of paper with an advertising written message and sticking it to a wall or a fence. But it's obvious that this method won't work in this case.

M.I.: Exactly. Therefore, if we take the history of our technology development for the last 5 years, we all remember perfectly how it started. There were nice pictures, then visualization with the use of 3D graphics. Naturally, such visualizations took quite a lot of time, resources and financial expenditures. However, not everyone could see application of SkyWay technology in their city. I know many partners who live in different cities, and they wanted very much to have visualization for their city. But there was no possibility like that. Therefore, now, as you, Mikhail, mentioned correctly, while promoting the innovative transport system, we came to a conclusion that it should be put forward with innovative tools, too. As a result, we will get the effect from it not in one million who know this technology and support it. We set up ambitious objectives to demonstrate SkyWay technology in reality to at least 100 mln residents of the planet Earth by 2020 using the tool of augmented reality.

M.K.: Wow!

M.I.: Yes, it is rather an ambitious objective, but using such instruments as social networks, it will be possible.

M.K.: So, as I understand, it is necessary to significantly reduce the time required to explain what it is to a person absolutely unaware of this technology. How much time will be approximately saved? Right now, at a rough guess. How many minutes or hours are needed now to explain to a person "from zero" what SkyWay is and how this time will be reduced with the help of your tool?

M.I.: Just yesterday, we talked to our team-mate, who is successfully developing in the crowdinvesting system, and I asked him a question. "How much time do you spend now to show SkyWay technology to a person, to show its advantages and all the related things? He answered, "From 1 to 2 hours."

M.K.: I believe it. The technology is complicated.

M.I.: Exactly. But the technology is not complicated. It is difficult to convey to a person persuasively that it is needed. It happens sometimes that way.

M.K.: It is difficult to believe in it, I would say.

M.I.: That's why the next question was asked after our showing Adva Hunter. I asked, "How much time would you spend to explain to a person what SkyWay is using this tool?" He said, "2-3 minutes. No need to do it longer."

M.K.: Fantastic! Thank you, guys, for a very interesting story. Now I offer you to take advantage of our platform, which is visited by a great number of SkyWay partners every day, to promote the fruit of your labor.

D.S.: We faced great challenges in this project from the very beginning to implement the thing that is implemented today. We found various solutions to popularize this technology to the uttermost for the whole world. Respectively, due to the apps produced by our company, we will really do it and realize those ambitious objectives that Maxim has already described.

M.I.: Dear friends and all those who have been supporting SkyWay technology for the last 5 years, together with you we are bringing to life the most ambitious project for the entire history of our common planet, where we live. We are fulfilling a very important mission to save our home — the planet Earth. While promoting this innovative technology, I'd like to recommend you to use an innovative tool and then it will be much easier for each of us to convey an important info to a great number of people.

M.K.: Thank you very much. Sign up to our YouTube channel. Follow the news update at our official website. Support our project. And our team will always help you in solving any of your problems with the most sophisticated innovative means.


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