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3 April 2019


Space journal ROOM publishes an open letter by Anatoly Yunitskiy

The spring issue of the specialized English-language journal about outer space ROOM has published an open letter from Anatoly Yunitskiy to aerospace entrepreneurs Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. This letter was posted for the first time in December, then the information spread to the media and caused a lively discussion both among the inventor's supporters and among those who do not believe in the non-rocket cosmonautics.

ROOM journal is a platform where space industry professionals share their ideas and draw attention to current aspects of space exploration. The highlights of the issue in which Anatoly Yunitskiy's open letter was published include pollution of outer space, space economy, new developments in the field of rocket cosmonautics, issues of astronomy and space law.

Space journal ROOM publishes an open letter by Anatoly Yunitskiy



Over the past ten years, humanity has returned to the subject of space exploration. A new wave of inventors and entrepreneurs in this area offer their ideas designed to make flights into orbit and other planets eco-friendlier, simpler and less-costly. National programs and private space initiatives appear constantly in recent times: they are going to build a space elevator in Japan, they are creating reusable rockets and launch free satellite Internet for the Earth's residents in the USA. Roskosmos, NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin and other players in the aerospace market are searching the ways for a full-scale entry of mankind into space. The only solution suitable for achieving this goal allowing to deliver into orbit billions of tons of cargo needed to create a new space industry, is offered by Anatoly Yunitskiy with his SpaceWay project.

Attention to the open letter was attracted in many respects by the fact that the basis of the General Planetary Transport (GPV) — SkyWay string transport — already exists and operates at the test site of SkyWay Technologies Co. This fact demonstrates that the work on creating GPV is already under way and it has the first results.

Space journal ROOM publishes an open letter by Anatoly Yunitskiy

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