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3 May 2019


SkyWay technology at TOC Asia 2019 exhibition

An International exhibition TOC Asia 2019 was held in Singapore from 7 to 11 April. Employees of SkyWay Technologies Co. visited it in order to study the experience of foreign companies in the construction of cargo terminals, arrangement of cargo traffic and provision of a full cycle of loading/unloading goods and establishing contacts with potential customers, manufacturers and suppliers.

The TOC International Exhibition has been held since 1995. Technology and service providers get together to showcase advanced solutions to their customers, terminal operators and ports. Since ports must handle cargoes in a timely and cost-effective manner, various technologies are constantly being developed and improved for them — from bridge cranes and auto-loaders to spreaders of various types.

After talking with representatives of various companies, Irina Murog and Alexey Kovshirko, our professionals who visited the exhibition, analyzed the competitive and current market offers and outlined a plan of work, meetings and opportunities, based on this.

Let us recall that the Ñompany's engineers used a whole range of non-standard solutions proposed by General designer Anatoly Yunitskiy in the SkyWay cargo transport complex. They are designed to significantly improve the system's performance in comparison with competitors, for example, conventional conveyor belts or traditional container transport systems using rail and road transport. Externally resembling a conveyor belt, unitrans is actually a kind of continuous train: the loading belt in it moves on a wheel pair along a steel rail, which increases the stability and safety of cargo, also ensuring low power losses. Besides, an external drive engine is used in unitrans, which allows building cargo complexes to operate without length limitations. Finally, the rotational unloading pattern of unitrans makes it possible to save time on micrologistics, which saves a lot of time on a large scale, and, consequently, funds.

The basic scheme of the SkyWay cargo complex overpass implies that the main loads from the track structure and rolling stock are transmitted to anchor supports — this allows to make the intermediate support lightweight, cheap and convenient for installation without losing its strength. Cargo systems can be built in different climatic conditions and in different landscapes, including mountains and sea shelf.

Mining industry, delivery of bulk goods for metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. are among the possible applications of the SkyWay cargo transport complex. Many opportunities have already been demonstrated at SkyWay EcoTechnoPark, where the following operates:

  • a loading/unloading terminal designed to load unitrans (continuous train) with bulk material, as well as to receive cargo transported by unitruck (suspended self-propelled cargo wheeled vehicle);
  • a drive station designed to transfer external traction force (braking force) to the loaded branch of unitrans, which provides transportation of cargo from the loading/unloading terminal to the receiving hopper of the loading/unloading terminal;
  • a loading/unloading terminal designed to receive the cargo transported by unitrans and to be further loaded into the unitruck intended for bulk cargo haulage.

Unicont (a cargo vehicle for transportation of ISO-containers) will be demonstrated at the SkyWay Innovation Center in Sharjah.

SkyWay technology at TOC Asia 2019 exhibition

All types of SkyWay cargo systems can be combined with passenger lines. Transport complexes were designed and implemented as the most versatile, economical and efficient means to transport goods of any size and configuration. These are the features that the cargo transport of the future should have. TOC Asia, which has collected the best that the market can offer at the present stage, demonstrates once again that string transport is relevant and in demand. This is also justified by the work that is currently being carried out by the company in the UAE, and the feedback that SkyWay engineers and managers receive from customers and partners.

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