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16 June 2019


Technologies of the future — for creation of SkyWay

SkyWay is growing. The pace of industrial production is increasing, new targeted projects are being launched, and existing ones are expanding. The creation and implementation of string transport technology is the most complex, super-ambitious task that requires a painstaking, well-coordinated work of hundreds of people around the world. Outdated approaches that are still used by competitors are not suitable for its solution.

The answer was the introduction of the so-called industry 4.0 — integration into the production of the most modern and expensive cyber-physical systems. This approach opens up broad opportunities: it allows to quickly exchange data in a single information space, which greatly simplifies the design, construction and manufacturing of SkyWay systems and components, as well as using digital modeling to quickly find the optimal approach to the production process.

Skyway Technologies Co. has become one of the first companies in the post-Soviet territory that work on the principles of industry 4.0. The 3D Experience platform, developed by Dassault Systèmes, helps the string transport creators in it. Authoritative IT-portal Habr (in Russian) wrote about how SkyWay creators use 3D Experience in their work.

Technologies of the future — for creation of SkyWay

Here you can find more about 3D Experience and Skyway in English.

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