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16 July 2019


Investment package Eco-Future

On the eve of EcoFest 2019, Skyway Group of Companies offers everyone to become co-owners of SkyWay transport technology and contribute to ensuring a safe and comfortable future for humanity — under special terms.

The "Eco-Future" investment package with a discount of 40 to 45 is an opportunity to see how your investments are changing the world for the better right now. Alongside with the further development and improvement of SkyWay transport systems, part of the funds received by developers in the framework of implementing this proposal will be spent on landscaping and maintaining of the lake ecosystem, located in the center of EcoTechnoPark under a string bridge, the design of which embodied a number of original engineering solutions to reduce significantly material intensity and increase the strength in the construction of transport and pedestrian communications over water obstacles. The string bridge is a symbolic representation of transition from the past to the future, made in EcoTechnoPark with the assistance of hundreds of thousands of like-minded people from dozens of countries.

Investment package Eco-Future

The cost of the package "Eco-Future" will be USD 1000. The provided discount is:

  • 40 — when investing from the main account;
  • 45 — when investing from the bonus account.

Installments are not available under this offer. The offer is limited in time and in amount of attracted funds that will be directed to the work of the project designing company within the current third sub-stage of the thirteenth stage in the development of SkyWay Group of Companies and improvement of the lake, where fish will soon splash, and trees, shrubs and other plants will be bedded out on the banks. Part of the landscape design will be a bronze plate with the names of investors who purchased the package “Eco-Future”. Visitors to EcoFest 2019 will be able to see these lists for the first time on the monitor screen, which will be installed here specifically for this purpose.

Investment package Eco-Future

In addition to the aesthetic component perceptible to the eye, the investment package "Eco-Future" provides an opportunity to acquire shares in the technology on favorable terms. Advanced countries of the world show interest in this technology, incorporating it in their plans on infrastructure development. Their choice in favor of SkyWay is due to the constantly deteriorating situation on the roads and in cities, the growing number of transport and environmental problems and the need to find new standards of mobility that meet the needs of modern age. None of the variety of projects offered in this regard is capable to demonstrate today what an ideal transport might be as clearly as SkyWay is doing it in EcoTechnoPark.

Investment package Eco-Future

Investment package Eco-Future

EcoTechnoPark is an operating center for demonstration, testing and certification of Skyway innovative developments. They are based on the idea of harmony between nature and technology, the achievement of which is a prerequisite for the sustainable development of civilization. It is shown on the territory of 36 hectares what the future should be, the future that should be desired and which people should strive to. Thousands of trees grow and bear fruits under SkyWay tracks, the roofs of stations and other infrastructure facilities are also covered with vegetation, and the movement of vehicles on string overpasses is carried out without exhaust emissions and almost silent. All this was created with the support and funds of thousands of investors from dozens of countries. Their names are immortalized at the feet of apple trees and apricots growing in the gardens, in a sculptural composition located at the beginning of the Walk of Fame, on the ceiling of SkyWay Museum made in the form of a starry sky. Now these names will be added with those who invest in the creation of the lake ecosystem, ensuring well-being for themselves and for the world.

Offering you to write down your name in history!

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