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21 July 2019


TV film crew visits EcoTechnoPark

In any country, especially such a fairly small one as Belarus, a well-known project of global scale, such as SkyWay, which is being implemented on its territory, is, of course, the center of everyone's attention. On Tuesday, July 16, SkyWay EcoTechnoPark was visited by a creative team from the Central television of Belarus, which made a footage for one of educational programs at National State TV and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus.

TV film crew visits EcoTechnoPark

Review of the center for testing, demonstration and international certification made a lasting impression on journalists, and the opportunity to see three units of already certified rolling stock was regarded by them as a rare success. Unibike has recently returned from the UAE, where it was presented to guests from around the globe during the World Government Summit in Dubai, where representatives of 140 countries and territories discussed innovations in science, technology and global governance. After that it took part in a number of presentations around the region, and then returned safely to the "port of registry".

TV film crew visits EcoTechnoPark

Guests to EcoTechnoPark also witnessed endurance tests with a 14-pasenger unibus, currently being conducted on the semi-rigid track structure, and could personally appreciate the aesthetics, comfort and dynamics of unicar on the slack line of the passenger transport complex. The talk show host of the program asked a large number of questions, and all of them received competent answers from experienced employees of SkyWay Technologies Co.

Judging by the mood of the fourth power representatives, we can assume that the would-be program should definitely have a "plus" sign, and we look forward to it in the near future! Of course, we will let you know timely about its airdate in our news releases.

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