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25 July 2019


Baron Munchausen's pigtail befits the Earth's face

It was under this heading that the Belarusian newspaper "Zvyazda" published in its July issue a large article on the problems of industrialization of the near space. As you can guess from the heading of the publication, it is focused on the project of the General Planetary Vehicle (GPV) by Anatoly Yunitskiy — an astroengineering transport system implementing "Baron Munchausen's principle" in its design — the use of system's internal forces to overcome the Earth's gravity.

General Planetary Vehicle

Despite the fact that engineer Yunitskiy began to develop the idea to create GPV in the 70-ies of the last century, it does not lose its relevance today. On the contrary, it is becoming more attractive for space industry, because it has no analogues even closely similar to it in terms of efficiency.

"Yunitskiy has analyzed social, economic, financial, resource related, geopolitical and philosophical aspects to substantiate the inevitability of transferring the environmentally hazardous component of the Earth's industry to near-earth orbit and transition of the Earth's technocratic civilization to a new stage of post-industrial development — the space stage — with a large-scale use of space technological possibilities (zero gravity, deep vacuum, etc.), as well as spatial, energy, raw materials and other resources. He has presented a scientific substantiation of the fact that the Earth's technocratic civilization has already all the necessary resources for this most ambitious project in the history of mankind," the author of the article notes.

The publication can be found on the website of the newspaper "Zviazda"(in Russian). PDF version of the publication is here.

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