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26 July 2019


Announcement on EcoFest 2019

This year the feast of innovations will be held for the fourth time and during this period SkyWay technology has passed a long way — from idea to implementation. Traditionally, the venue of the festival will be SkyWay EcoTechnoPark erected "from scratch" in a short period between the first and the current festival.

Although the construction of EcoTechnoPark began relatively recently, several types of innovative transport complexes are presented on its territory today. There is also a unique biosystem that demonstrates the possibility of a harmonious neighborhood of technology and nature.

Like four years ago, EcoFest 2019 will gather guests from different parts of the world. This year, each participant of the event will have the opportunity to take a trip in string transport and see in detail how SkyWay technology works, including stations, various types of string-rail overpasses allowing to solve even the most complicated infrastructure problems in a new way, an intelligent control system and a dispatching system, as well as new developments in the field of engine building, aerodynamics of rolling stock, agro-biotechnologies and energy.

In addition, the organizers plan to lift the veil of secrecy on the projects that attract the Middle East today — all those objects that are developing in Sharjah, Dubai and other cities and countries of the region.

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