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31 July 2019


SkyWay as a source of inspiration

SkyWay has gathered a large number of creative people. We try to provide an opportunity to realize the creative potential for everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of the project. It is especially pleasant when the initiative originates from the project participants who make amazing contents.

On July 12, a video review of EcoFest-2018 by our investor Maxim Zaika was posted on the YouTube channel. This video is full of bright moments and positive spirit that prevailed at the festival last year. We contacted the author, who shared his own opinion about the project, its prospects and relevance.

“I got to know SkyWay in March 2014. At that time, a visual demonstration of this transport consisted of computer graphics in the form of pictures and several videos. It was a transport of a completely different imagination and looked like a fantastic idea. Its feasibility seemed highly questionable. After studying the technical info on Yunitskiy string transport, behind the screen of drawn pictures, I saw a deep workout of the idea. Its implementation will improve the life of each person.

I distinguished Anatoly Yunitskiy as a wise man with high moral principles, concerned about the attitude of man to nature that destroys our common home — the planet Earth. As a dreamer and inventor, Anatoly Yunitskiy came up with his solution to save the planet, he lives with this idea and does everything possible to implement it.

In order for string transport to come true, SkyWay Technologies Co. has already passed a long way. The innovative transport system, its own production, design offices with a team of highly qualified engineers have been created from scratch. Now SkyWay transport is so real that it is already possible to touch it, to ride and to make sure that this transport will make up the future. It is especially admirable that the development of SkyWay took place out in the open, in full view of all those who keep close track on this exciting project.”

Maxim Zaika will be awarded with additional investment shares from Anatoly Yunitskiy’s personal resource for his contribution to popularization of SkyWay.

Last week, SkyWay information service reported on awarding Petr Sinichkin, an investor who previously addressed General designer Anatoly Yunitskiy with an open letter in which he supported the idea of creating a General Planetary Vehicle and shared his own video presentation on this subject. As an encouragement for popularizing string transport systems, Anatoly Yunitskiy decided to award the author of the letter with bonus investment shares in the amount of 25,000.

SkyWay — people's project

The response letter was not long in coming:

“I’d like to thank You very much for Your generosity and great heartedness. To be honest, I did not expect such a reaction to my letter from You. And that makes me especially pleased. One can say that You have experienced my work, in which I had no doubt that it will be so. I really do my best while editing my videos and seriously treat the selection of visual sequence, especially, musical score, although I do not have the proper professionalism. Right, the “picture” and “sound” are not created by me, however, I add my Light energy and a piece of my Soul to the work, and do it with pleasure and Love, so that a spectator would feel all the grandeur, epicism and beauty of Your technology, realize the importance of the project.” — Petr notes in his reply letter.

If you also want to share your creativity or an interesting newsworthy event, write to the e-mail: info@rsw-systems.com.

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