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1 August 2019


SkyWay production facilities: expansion and modernization

The current stage of expanding SkyWay production facilities is coming to the finish line: finishing works and laying of engineering communications on the territory of the new production building, construction of which began in 2018, are nearing completion. Acceptance of the building for operation is scheduled for August this year.

SkyWay production facilities: expansion and modernizatio

The new building is a production workshop with a total area of about 1,200 m2 combined with a three-storey administrative block. The workshop has a top-running crane beam with a capacity of 10 tons for the entire width of span; a warehouse with separate gates is included. In the near future, the existing assembly section will be moved over here, where new machining equipment will be placed. The new site will allow to adapt production processes to the current needs of SkyWay engineering company in a short time.

SkyWay production facilities: expansion and modernizatio

Commissioning of new production facilities is due to the need to arrange small-scale production of metal structures, SkyWay rolling stock and its components to supply infrastructure projects in the Middle East region, primarily in the United Arab Emirates. This will allow SkyWay project organization to fulfill timely and fully its obligations under the current agreements with foreign partners on the implementation of targeted projects.

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