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1 August 2019


Memorandum on acquisition of exclusive rights to know-how
"SkyCity Linear city using SkyWay transport complex"

This Memorandum stipulates that the owner of exclusive rights to the secrets of production (know-how) "SkyCity Linear city using SkyWay transport complex" is the author, developer, General designer and owner of know-how Anatoly Yunitskiy, citizen of the Republic of Belarus, date of birth: April 16, 1949, place of birth: village Kryuki, Bragin district, Gomel region, Republic of Belarus.

The priority of this Memorandum is set as per the release date of the concept visualization "SkyCity Linear city using SkyWay transport complex" on the Internet on the website http://yunitskiy.com 5 February 2014 taking into account previously published matters (e.g. the Final report on the project of the UN Centre for human settlements (Habitat) FS-RUS-98-S01 "Sustainable development of human settlements and improvement of their communication infrastructure through the use of a String Transportation System" — Moscow, 2000).

Know-how "SkyCity Linear city using SkyWay transport complex" is a cluster-type urban settlement, where the earth's surface is meant for pedestrians and green plants, whereas transport, energy and informational communications are located above the ground at the "second level".

In the process of work on the creation and development of SkyCity Linear city using SkyWay transport complex, engineer Anatoly Yunitskiy has developed fundamentally new:

  • infrastructure clusters — pedestrian quarters, where low-rise comfortable buildings with widespread landscaping of urban areas and use of renewable energy sources are located among multi-functional high-rise buildings connected with horizontal lifts;
  • SkyWay transport complex of the "second level", which is a string rail track with vehicles on steel wheels that are a kind of rail electric cars, running along it;
  • multifunctional towers-stations, which include hotels and apartments, shops, restaurants and cafes, business centers, stations and terminals, museums, theaters and cinemas, marinas, gardens and greenhouses, sports grounds, beaches and so on;
  • informational and energy communication channels;
  • technologies of industrial production of humus that will allow to restore soil fertility and provide the population of SkyCity Linear cities with environmentally-friendly products using SkyWay transport complex, as well as to obtain high yields while reducing the cost of agricultural products;
  • justification of a number of positive effects from the construction of SkyCity Linear cities using SkyWay transport complex in comparison with existing housing developments, such as economic, logistic, environmental effects, the effect while creating natural systems in new housing developments, the effect of bringing urban infrastructure to unified quality standards, the effect of the possibility to use renewable energy on the territories of SkyCity Linear cities, the effect of the use of released territories and resources, the effect of time saved;
  • economic, social, financial, resource-related and philosophical aspects to substantiate the need for the construction of SkyCity Linear cities using SkyWay transport complex and replacement of existing urban developments, due to a number of indicators such as focusing on the quality of built housing based on SkyCity innovative technologies, increase of personal space, the level and quality of life of the population in SkyCity Linear cities, increase of the territory's prestige and investment attractiveness;
  • others.

An important benefit of SkyCity Linear city using SkyWay transport complex is that it can be built on barren, flooded and hard-to-reach areas, including those with rugged terrain and in the mountains, as well as on the sea shelf. At the same time, SkyCity Linear cities fit easily into the existing system of cities, making it possible to relieve streets overloaded with transport, to turn central historical areas into pedestrian and green areas, as well as to increase transport accessibility to remote regions and satellite cities. In addition, the cost of servicing residents living in a linear city with public transport will be free, since a symbolic fare can be included in monthly utility bills on equal terms with other services.

The project of SkyCity Linear city using SkyWay transport complex is composite and includes:

  • thousands of elements, components, units, blocks, assemblies, equipment, technologies and tools, both basic and auxiliary;
  • engineering, industrial, construction, infrastructure, communication, agricultural, energy, informational, social, financial, terrestrial and cosmic, others,
  • as well as their design, technological and operational features and know-how, which has incorporated the results of more than 40 years of intellectual, creative, scientific, experimental and industrial activity of engineer, scientist and entrepreneur Anatoly Yunitskiy, confirmed by numerous patents for inventions and industrial designs (above 200), a variety of scientific works (above 100) and monographs (above 20), popular science articles (above 200), technical, technological, insightful and engineering know-how (above 100) and other results of intellectual activity by the author and owner of this intellectual property.

Based on the anticipated rates of world urbanization, projected rates of construction of SkyCity Linear cities using SkyWay transport complex and their replacement of existing urban developments, also taking into account the projected dynamics of such aggregate global indicators as the demand for intra-urban passenger transportation, the indicator on automation, the volumes of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, the indicator of road construction and urban planning and the volume of the logistics market, there was calculated an indicator reflecting the efficiency of erecting SkyCity Linear cities in relation to existing urban solutions — 3.6 trillion USD per year. According to estimates, this figure will grow to 26.6 trillion USD per year.

In order to ensure confidentiality of data of industrial, technological, economic, organizational nature, results of intellectual activity in the scientific and technological spheres, as well as information on the methods of professional activities that make up the know-how "SkyCity Linear city using SkyWay transport complex" Anatoly Yunitskiy undertakes from 05.02.2014 legal, organizational, technical and other measures, i.e. the order of commercial secrecy is introduced.

Based on articles 982, 1010 and 1011 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus, the author and owner of the know-how "SkyCity Linear city using SkyWay transport complex" Anatoly Yunitskiy owns personal non-property and property rights, as well as the right to protect the know-how from illegal use.

Anatoly Yunitskiy
01 August 2019
City of Minsk, Republic of Belarus

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