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13 August 2019


The future of urban transport in smart cities is discussed in Dubai

The population of the planet is growing exponentially. This is especially true of cities with millions. According to the website Worldatlas, in 2018 the TOP-10 largest cities were:

  1. Shanghai (China) 24,153,000
  2. Beijing (China) 18,590,000
  3. Karachi (Pakistan) 18,000,000
  4. Istanbul (Turkey) 14,657,000
  5. Dhaka (Bangladesh) 14,543,000
  6. Tokyo (Japan) 13,617,000
  7. Moscow (Russia) 13,197,596
  8. Manila (Philippines) 12,877,000
  9. Tianjin (China) 12,784,000
  10. Mumbai (India) 12,400,000

In this regard, there are big problems for the mobility of residents. And governments around the world are adopting innovative approaches, including the use of the Internet of things (IoT) to solve urban transport problems.

The future of urban transport in smart cities is discussed in Dubai

The annual “Arab cities of the future” summit, to be held in Dubai under the auspices of the Ministry of infrastructure development from 16 to 17 September 2019, will pay great attention to the measures necessary for the deployment of safe, efficient and sustainable transport systems. In the run-up to the event, experts published a report that addressed the challenges in this area.

As noted by the News Service TradeArabia, in this regard, there is a growing relevance of the joint project of Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and SkyWay Group of Companies to create a transport system in the style of a cable way called Sky Pods that is capable to provide speed up to 30 miles per hour.

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