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21 August 2019


EcoFest-2019 in report of Russian media holding RBC

We are only summarizing the results of the last EcoFest-2019, but the major media are already sharing reviews on the event held on August 17 in Maryina Gorka. RBC TV channel released a detailed report from EcoFest and even had talks with the General designer Anatoly Yunitskiy and CEO Nadezhda Kosareva.

“First, we want to relieve cities from traffic jams. If we pass over up to the second level, the factor of injuries on the roads will disappear. Secondly, we can get to hard-to-reach areas where the railway cannot get, where it is difficult to fly by air, or, for example, it is not reasonable.”

You can watch the video report by Tatiana Torriani on RBC channel about where SkyWay technologies can reach, achieve 500 km/h speed and where unibuses, unibikes and unicars can appear already this autumn besides Belarus (in Russian):

Komsomolskaya Pravda” (in Russian) also did not pass by such a large-scale event for Belarus:

After the speech by the General designer, the second most important event for most guests was riding in a double-rail and a 14-passenger unibuses and a unicar. This year every guest managed to experience all the magic of travelling in the string transport. People called directly from the cabin and enthusiastically babbled into the phone, “Yes, I’m riding, calling you directly from the unicar. You can imagine how quietly it is moving. And it is so beautiful around!”.

EcoFest-2019 in report of Russian media holding RBC

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