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29 August 2019


New chapter in SkyWay transport safety

Transport today is an environmental damage, increased injuries and constant traffic jams on the roads. Transfer to the second level is the way to solve most of these problems. In particular, safety issues. When Anatoly Yunitskiy was designing string transport, he calculated that driving on rails in the air will remove such problems as collision with objects: people, animals, buildings.

New Chapter in SkyWay transport safety

Therefore, all the traffic in SkyWay systems takes place at a height of several meters, safe for humans, animals and ground vehicles. The possibility of collision of SkyWay rolling stock with any dangerous objects outside the system is 100% excluded. The possibility of collision of vehicles within the system is fundamentally eliminated due to driving on the track, absence of overtaking possibility, exit to the oncoming lane, absence of intersections. The overpass allows to create road junctions where modules can pass each other being at different levels, the number of which is not limited.

However, there are stations or areas where it is reasonable to lay the route at low altitude. Then there will be a need to teach pods not just to communicate with each other or interact within the transport network, but also to respond to unplanned spontaneous actions. And, first of all, to man because his life is above all else.

We can proudly say that now our unibus is able to identify a person, regardless of what he does: runs, jumps out from behind a support, stands on the tracks. Anatoly Yunitskiy personally conducted tests to make sure that no impact from the outside will threaten passengers in string transport.

The results are impressive. Unlike recognition systems in cars equipped with autopilots, the intelligent system in unibus defies gimmicks and deceptions. For example, a unibus may follow a person like a “doggie”. And no matter how hard Mr. Yunitsky tried to distract its vigilance, he failed to do it. But he managed to get out of breath in attempts to escape or catch up with the vehicle. Even Jackie Chan wouldn’t be able to compete with this vehicle in endurance.

This checking of safety system has allowed to make sure that neither a flying bird nor a subject encountered on the track nor a running person are able to harm the unibus. Thanks to string technology, the future without terrible accidents, piles of twisted metal and dozens of dead people is becoming more real. You will stop worrying about how your loved ones got from one city to another. And while traveling you will watch not piles of garbage or old tires, but ground untouched by asphalt over the windows.

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