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SkyWay development projects


SkyWay development projects — innovation projects of building construction and their elements, based on the use of Unitsky String Technology:

  • high-rise buildings with a vacuum glass;
  • roads, railways, pedestrian bridges and overpasses;
  • runways of airports.
SkyWay development project Oasis

SkyWay development project "Oasis"

Sphere of application

  1. Settlement of undeveloped areas adjacent to existing cities.
  2. Development and settlement for comfortable life in remote and undeveloped areas: mountains, taiga, jungles, sea shelf, natural and artificial islands, etc.
  3. Creation of pedestrian settlements.
  4. Connection the pedestrian settlements with existing cities and with each other by SkyWay routes with the formation of:
    • the suburbs of the existing town;
    • linear cities, when clusters installed from each other at an average distance of 1 km, located on a single line;
    • towns, composed of linear cities, placed in chessboard order.
SkyWay development project Island

SkyWay development project "Island"

Key features

  1. Cluster type of urban settlements: pedestrian on the "first level" with the transport, energy and information communications placed on the "second level".
  2. At city there is only one mode of transport — an environmentally friendly City Suspended SkyWay.
  3. The main principle of construction of each infrastructure cluster - affordable and comfortable accommodation with a variety of cultural environment.
  4. Features of the settlement of the cluster type:
    • occupied area — 0.5—1 square kilometer;
    • number of residents — 5—10 thousand people;
    • in the center of the cluster placed the multi-purpose high-rise building, combined with high-altitude SkyWay station;
    • within walking distance (up to 5—7 minutes walk) around the high-rise building placed the low-rise residential buildings.
SkyWay development project Azure

SkyWay development project "Azure"

Competitive advantages

  1. High comfort and safety of human habitation, due to:
    • lack of cars and other land transport;
    • only pedestrian and bicycling movement of people within the cluster;
    • the presence of a multifunctional shopping and entertainment center, combined with the transport station (up to 5—7 minutes walk);
    • lack of traffic jams, noise and gas pollution;
    • the absence of underground and overground pedestrian crossings.
  2. Transport accessibility between neighboring clusters — 20—25 minutes by City Suspended UST.
  3. Decrease of capital expenditure for construction:
    • the absence of expensive, occupying a large area of urban land highways;
    • by absence of expensive underground metro lines;
    • by reducing the number of storeys of buildings;
    • by simplifying engineering networks and power-supply systems.
  4. Price reduction of living for urban residents:
    • due to simplify and reduce the cost of transport and engineering infrastructure;
    • by reducing the cost of land;
    • by reducing utility costs;
    • by improving transport logistics.
  5. Improving the health and quality of life of urban residents.
SkyWay development project Shore - Island

SkyWay development project "Shore — Island"

Environmentally friendly

  1. Accommodation in a natural environment, without the "rolling land in the asphalt" and without "concrete jungle".
  2. Environmentally friendly urban-type settlement, free of cars and other ground vehicles.
  3. The lack of visual intrusion of transport in the architecture and infrastructure of the city thanks to the openwork and low resource consumption of City Suspended SkyWay.
  4. Low resource consumption and energy consumption of the transport and engineering infrastructure.
  5. Urban settlement does not destroy the fertile soil and vegetation.
  6. Air natural ventilation and the lack of smog.
  7. The infrastructure cluster does not violate:
    • the existing natural landscape;
    • the existing natural movement of surface and ground waters;
    • the existing natural biodiversity and biogeocoenosis neighborhood.
SkyWay development project - Resort on the island

SkyWay development project "Resort on the island"

Reliability and safety

  1. Creation in the 21st century comfortable and clean living environment, as well as affordable and social housing.
  2. The possibility of creating a special small towns for people with disabilities, maximally adapted such cities for this category of people.
  3. City of cluster type:
    • more resistant to various disasters and catastrophes;
    • less dependent on the timely delivery of essential goods, energy and resources;
    • originally created and operates on the principle of sustainable development.
  4. Settlement clusters are self-sufficient and less dependent on megacities than traditional city, and better connected to each other communications.
  5. Megalopolis of cluster type is strategically less risky and less dangerous concentration of people in a limited space than traditional megalopolis.
Общий вид автодорожного моста вантового типа, построенного по струнным технологиям


Взлетно-посадочная полоса, построенная с применением струнных технологий

General views of a cable-stayed road bridge based on string technology

Runway based on string technologies

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