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Irina Volkova

Irina Volkova is author and presenter of webinars

Irina Volkova is the director on the development of regional leadership structures of the SkyWay Group of Companies, author and presenter of webinars, as well as practical working briefings for SkyWay Leaders in regions around the world.

Irina Volkova is an active SkyWay shareholder and investor from the first day of the company operation, a member of the General Board of SkyWay Capital Co., regional representative-leader in Estonia. Creator and organizer of the SkyWay masters' team "Planetary project", co-founder and President of the International public organization created in 2011 to support the promotion of innovative projects.

Irina is a professional international speaker, lecturer-practitioner with the experience of more than 10 years, and also the creator of many authorial applicable programs. Today she has the highest status of an expert in the SkyWay Company, including the implementation of practical approaches to create and form up leadership structures of the project around the world.

She graduated from the Moscow University of Commerce having obtained the profession of economist-financier of the international level. She has the experience of work in Tallinn Chamber of Commerce, as well as a 10-year experience of the top Manager on work with VIP-clients in the International Investment Bank. She has also a decade of experience in business on dealing with innovative developments in the field of health care at the Moscow brain Institute and the Novosibirsk Scientific Research Institute.

All the time Irina was engaged with self-development and received education from leading international speakers and trainers, constantly applying new knowledge and technologies in practice. Her slogan in life: "I know - means I apply something new every day, knowledge = action."

Irina Volkova is also the founder and co-author in the creation of the Academy of New Eurasia, a business coach and metaphysician. She is the manager and author of programs RNP - Resource of the New Person, where one can obtain unique practical knowledge and methods of their application in various fields and spheres of life; this is the knowledge of a new generation and new quality of life - a way of life, which offers new practical solutions in carrying on business.

How does Irina deserve such trust and respect- Applying knowledge and experience practically, she shows her own real results and the results of the united SkyWay team, constantly improving and updating the quality and methods of development in this trend. In addition to professional growth she leads an active lifestyle - the range of her interests includes continuous research and self-education in the field of quantum consciousness of man - physics of processes (new resource of a person), mechanics of energy processes that shape events, aerial technologies of the new generation.

At the moment, Irina Volkova lives in Saint Petersburg and Tallinn, where regular regional meetings and seminars are held for all participants of our project. Irina is always ready to share her knowledge and experience with you!

Be sure to come, avail of the opportunity to meet personally and get valuable information that may become a powerful positive change in the development of your own new qualities and development of your events!


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