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12 May 1987


The planet's "Ring buoy" - article by Anatoly Yunitskiy in 5 languages in the bulletin "XX Century and Peace"

- We should already have started thinking about the coming commercial utilization of near space, - Anatoly Yunitskiy, an engineer from Gomel, said, addressing a Soviet-American seminar. His project of a fundamentally new space transport vehicle is called upon to ensure large-scale transportation of cargoes to orbits. Is this project feasible? The author says that technologically it certainly is. As to the spending, it will be comparable to that needed for the Star Wars system.

It will be necessary to pool the efforts of the whole of humankind to carry out this strictly peaceful global project.

The planet's Ring buoy - article by Anatoly Yunitsky in 5 languages in the bulletin XX Century and Peace

The essence of the project Universal transport vehicle described in the article by Anatoly Yunitskiy, published in the bulletin "XX Century and Peace":

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