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15 September 2000


Final report on the UN Centre for Human Settlements project FS-RUS-98-S01

Completed Final report on the UN Centre for Human Settlements project FS-RUS-98-S01 "Sustainable development of human settlements and improvement of their communication infrastructure through the use of a String Transportation System".

The goal of the Project is to provide an alternative to the mass-scale motorization of human settlements as the key factor contributing to their sustainable development and to formulate the basic criteria for the promotion of the proposed String Transportation System (STS) under conditions of intensive transportation flows both to serve the needs of urban settlements with 100,000-200,000 populations and to handle interurban and interregional freight and passenger trips of 100,000 passenger per day and 100,000 tonnes per day intensity under difficult geographic and climatic conditions. In this case it was proposed to identify the ways for STS testing in terms of its economic, environmental and technical components, travel comfort and safety and to develop and test building technologies for different high-speed route alternatives (for a city, sea, mountains).

The project activities were carried out in compliance with the Project Document of the UN Centre fo Human Settlements (Habitat) and the Government of the Russian Federation signed on 24 September 1998 by Dr. K. Toepfer, Under Secretary-General, Executive Director of the UNCHS (Habitat) and Mr. Yuzhanov, Minister of the Russian Federation for Land Police, Construction, Housing and Municipal Economy.

Upon the Instruction of Gosstroy of Russia responsibility for the Project management was placed on the President of the "Regional Public Fund to Assist in the Development of a Linear Transportation System", author and patent holder of a principal "String Transportation System" scheme, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Mr. Anatoly Yunitsky.

Summary of the Final report:

  • Introduction;
  • Project Goal and Objectives;
  • Organization of the project activities;
  • Role of transportation in socio-economic development of human settlements;
  • Problems of transportation provision for sustainable development of human settlements;
  • String Transportation System;
  • Application of a String Transportation System;
  • Main project activities and outcomes;
  • Use of the project outcomes;
  • Conclusions and recommendations;
  • Appendices.

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