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15 January 2014


Social significance: let us prevent the emergence of a billion of disabled people and cripples

Social significance of SkyWay technologies is conditioned, primarily, by its technical and technological features. The creation of a global highly-efficient SkyWay network of transport and communications of millions kilometers length on the basis of these technologies will allow to:

  • save above 100 million people from death on the roads and prevent emergence of a billion of disabled people and cripples due to higher safety of transportation in the 21st century;
  • return the soil of the total area exceeding territories of Japan, Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands altogether to land users. This soil is "rolled" into asphalt at present. To prevent "rolling" into asphalt in the 21st century of the same area for new construction of conventional transport-communication networks, including high-speed ones;
  • increase people's average duration of man's life on the planet by at least 5 years due to raising their living standards, improving local and planetary ecology, raising safety and reducing injury rate on transport.

Built in the 21st century on Earth fundamentally new SkyWay communication network, combining urban, high-speed intercity and freight tracks with energy networks, will give an impetus to the economic development of any country. This will happen also due to environmentally friendly involvement of underdeveloped and inaccessible territories in residential and business turnover. Such territories may be sea shelf, mountains, jungles, taiga, and deserts. This will ensure:

  • higher level of population employment by creating new highly-paid jobs both at the stage of construction and at the stage of operation of the communication system and infrastructure development projects;
  • raising social possibilities of states due to the appearance of demand for labor resources not only in the transport branch but also in allied branches of industry and economy, which will increase tax revenues to budgets;
  • raising the quality of people's life on the basis of dynamically developing world economy, creating and demanding personnel of high qualification;
  • accelerated growth of economy and GDP not only of separate countries but the world at large by at least 10% a year, as financial, material and labor resources will be redirected from unprofitable, cost-intensive and ecologically hazardous conventional transport projects on profitable infrastructure projects; this will reduce the strain on budgets and tax payers and will bring profits to generations of people;
  • higher social activity of people due to raising their communication skills - for the same fare it would be possible to travel 5 times faster and 10 times farther (in comparison with conventional automobile and railway transport), with higher comfort and safety.

Limitation of Earth's resources as a result of planet population growth, surpassing their development, has given rise to the idea of "the Golden billion". This is one of the theories of the fascist doctrine, which calls to either limit the population on the planet by one billion by eliminating "the unworthy"; or to enhance further parasitism of industrially developed countries, where the very billion people live, on the countries of the "third world". Moreover, the latter will have the role of raw materials appendage, places for burial of toxic waste and allocating ecologically dangerous enterprises.

In reality, 25 billion people may live on the planet Earth in comfortable conditions, and even at higher level of consumption than the notorious "Golden billion" has. In average it will be 200 people per 1 square kilometer of land (excluding the area of Antarctic), or 1 person per 5,000 sq. m. It is only necessary to arrange this living in a different way:

  • in the 21st century people will settle in pedestrian cluster settlements - voluntarily, as they voluntarily headed to the 20th century to anthills-Metropolitan areas, ill-suited for normal life. These settlements will be something like modern villages of area about one square kilometer each, fit well into natural environment: taiga, jungles, mountains, sea shelf, and desert, with minimum disruption of their ecology. "Forward to nature" - we have to live in the places where living conditions "on land" may be created much more comfortable and safer than life "on asphalt" in modern cities. In fact, 500 m2/person is sufficient for a comfortable living in a private house self-supported with a sufficiency of essential foodstuffs. Therefore поэтому 9/10 (or 90%) of land will be provided for biospheric reserves - specially guarded natural territories qualified to demonstrate balanced interaction of nature and man, i.e. the concept of stable development of environment;
  • all infrastructural clusters - residential, commercial, entertaining, sports, producing - will be connected with each other by a network of safe, efficient, ecologically clean high-speed (500 km/h) transport of the "second level". Approximately, in the same way as the blood circulatory and lymphatic systems unite all the organs, systems and individual cells into a single living body. The natural landscape will not be destructed in this case. It is necessary to build such route network without destroying the fertile soil layer and without land excavation works;
  • living houses must be low storey buildings and ecologically safe for the environment and people residing in them by means of using vacuum string glass on exterior walls. Such houses should not take land away from Nature. The soil from under a house must be carried up onto the "second level", on a flat roof, enriched with fertile humus up to its content in natural black earth, and used for year-round automated production of ecologically clean domestic foodstuffs.
    Note. Genetically modified foodstuffs, received by farmers without the targeted control by the consumers, on the killed soil polluted with agricultural chemicals with the only purpose to obtain super profits, are not healthy foodstuffs, and often - dangerous for human consumption;
  • every family will have its own winter garden. Clever houses will be bright, warm in winter (vacuum glass of 20 mm thickness will replace brick walls of 1.5 m thickness on heat insulation), and cool in summer, because the soil layer on the roof with a garden growing on it will perform the function of natural air-conditioner without any use of energy. Raw materials will be enough for the construction of even not billions, but trillions of such houses as silicon dioxide, the basis for glass, is one of the most widely spread minerals of the Earth's core;
  • all the mining and processing industry, metallurgy, power and chemical industries, as well as other production facilities, ecologically dangerous for earth's life, must be brought by the end of the 21st century beyond the biosphere - into the near space (watch the scientific popular film about the non-rocket way of space industrialization "To the sky by wheel". Otherwise, the civilization will reach the "point of no return". The technosphere, created according to today's patterns, will start the irreversible process of biosphere destruction by the end of the century. Activated will be the mechanism, reverse to the process, which was started by life born on the dead planet several billion years ago. Then there will really come the time that futurists-pessimists like to show in their disaster movies and the ideologists of "the Golden billion" describe in their "forecasts".

The humanity has 60-80 years of time left. It is quite sufficient to build an alternative future - a civilization, thriving on the planet, as an intellectual part of the saved biosphere and a powerful space industry maintaining this technocratic civilization. We never chose the technocratic way of development of the Earth civilization and we can not cancel it. In addition, neither on Mars, moreover, nor on the Moon there are no and never will be better conditions for earthly man's living than on our beautiful blue planet.

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