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13 October 2015


EcoTechnoPark object: palmprint "Leave your mark in SkyWay history"

Palmprint of shareholder's hand in bronze with inscription of the name, surname and signature of the investor. The palmprint will be put on the decorative postament in the Walk of Honorary Investors of SkyWay EcoTechnoPark.

EcoTechnoPark object: palmprint Leave your mark in SkyWay history

The history of our planet is made by specific people. Each of our deeds leaves its mark in space and time. Everybody knows the ceremony of perpetuating the glory of famous personalities of our time. It is carried out in the form of preservation of their palmprints at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. When great-minded people join their hands, there arises a synergetic effect, able to change the course of history. This is what your palms, supporting SkyWay innovative technology at the most difficult venture stage, symbolize.

Every investor, wishing to take part in the promotional offer "Leave your mark in history", will get an opportunity to leave the palmprint of their hand as confirmation of their contribution to the history of SkyWay EcoTechnoPark creation and improvement of civilizational infrastructure, as well as life conditions for all living creatures on our planet.

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