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3 November 2015


EcoTechnoPark object: SkyWay Myseum

SkyWay Museum, located inside the anchor support, which is combined with the first passenger station SkyWay in the world, - is one of the most attended places for all customers, clients and visitors of EcoTechnoPark. Here, the most complete and true-to-fact presentation of the Transport System (with experimental and existing models) and SkyWay Group with the history and future development will be displayed. In the Museum building, there will be presented a board, more correctly - the whole wall, with the names of investors, who have taken part in financing of SkyWay technology at its most difficult venture stage of development (over 20 thousand of direct investors from almost 50 countries of the world - up to the moment of laying "Zero Kilometer" in EcoTechnoPark).

EcoTechnoPark object: SkyWay Myseum

Throughout the centuries, the museum has been aimed at educational, historical and promotional activity. There is a variety of company museums in the world. For example, Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, the Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow, Apple Museum and other famous museums. In the town of Maryina Gorka, there will appear SkyWay Museum.

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