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30 November 2015


EcoTechnoPark object: anchor reversal support for suspended SkyWay

This anchor support is terminal and reversal, i.e. it allows for suspended urban rolling stock to make a turn and move in the opposite direction. In order to decrease dimensions and cost of support, the minimal turning radius is taken - 15 m, therefore suspended unibuses are also designed with this minimal turning radius.

EcoTechnoPark object: anchor reversal support for suspended SkyWay

Design of string-rail ways envisages that anchor supports bear basic loads from the span structure (including from string elements) and the rolling stock. In this connection, anchor supports are carried out in such a way as to remain solid and endure significant loads. As anchor support is a complicated engineering structure, it is combined with other engineering constructions - stations, radius sections of the track, premises for processing equipment and facilities, which ensure operability of the complex as a whole (elements of communication, energy supply, etc.), located inside the anchor support body.

Reversal anchor support is a terminal support, which constantly, in normal operation mode, bears longitudinal forces arising in an uncut pre-stressed steel-reinforced concrete overpass. As any other terminal anchor support, reversal support allows to design a string-rail overpass as continuous and pre-stressed. This makes it possible to reduce the overpass cost compared to traditional ones, of a beam type, by approximately twofold - just due to its uncut character.

The advantages of anchor support can be seen at a specific example. Overpasses can be traditional, of a beam type, with temperature joints, and innovative - uncut, i.e. continuous, without joints. The latter, just due to uncut character of span structures, have twofold less material intensity and, consequently, twofold less cost of overpass.

What benefit will it give when constructing a targeted project, for example, a high-speed transport overpass with the length of 700 km between Minsk and Moscow? The traditional overpass would cost at least 70 bln USD, SkyWay overpass - 35 bln USD, i.e. by 35 bln USD cheaper (considering other know-how, described in other lots of EcoTechnoPark objects, it will become possible to reduce the cost of a high-speed transport overpass by times more - up to 2.5 bln USD.). This cost-cutting by 50 mln USD/km will be achieved due to anchor support, as it locks inside all longitudinal forces arising in an uncut track structure and decreases, other factors being equal, material intensity and overpass cost twofold.

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