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4 May 2016


Film "Yunitskiy's Sky Ways"

Anatoly Yunitskiy devoted about 40 years of his life to the creation of the SkyWay transport. What encouraged him to go to the intended target with such persistence? How did the idea of the optimal elevated SkyWay transport systems originate? What are their advantages compared with other transport systems and what can the civilization get from the implementation of the program proposed by Yunitskiy? Man and nature, the doom of the civilization and the hope for the future, eternal questions and solutions dictated by the time itself - these are the extreme poles of the problematic field, in which the poetics of the film "Yunitskiy's Sky Ways" is aligned.

A brief overview of the SkyWay string transport systems - the invention that the main character of the film Anatoly Yunitskiy has offered to the world. Their basic elements:

  1. Pre-stressed continuous rail-string overpass.
  2. Rail cars on steel wheels.

In the framework of the SkyWay transport systems, transport moves above the ground on special rails. Due to this, aerodynamics is optimized, speed is increased, the cost of route construction is reduced, safety is increased and the damage to the environment caused by the transport is reduced to the minimum level.

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