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9 August 2017


SkyWay presentation

The philosophy of SkyWay transport assumes a continuous development and re-thinking. The development needs a thorough recording and description of achievements and ideas. Annually, quarterly, monthly.

A new colorful booklet on 58 pages with the technology description was released by SkyWay project designing organization in Belarus. Written in plain language and understandable terms, the booklet provides answers to all questions arising on the technology, manufacturing, personnel, plans, and even competitors on the world arena. The SkyWay vision on the development of the world civilization - eco-homes and linear cities - is separately described.

SkyWay presentation

Besides the already well-known and proven solutions for urban and intercity environment, everyone willing can see the seaports of SkyWay system designed with the consideration of the requirements to modern infrastructure.

The booklet is created for a wide range of readers worldwide; it complements the re-edition of the monograph by Anatoly Yunitskiy "String transport systems: on Earth and in space" published recently.

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