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29 September 2017


Journal "Mir Dorog" writes about SkyWay at the forum "Intelligent transport systems of Russia"

Yesterday we reported about the invitation of the Russian transport Minister Maxim Sokolov to SkyWay EcoTechnoPark. Today, in hot pursuit, the edition "Mir Dorog" issued a special release on the first day of the forum "Intelligent transport systems of Russia". The Head of Targeted Projects Department at SkyWay Technologies Co. Kiryl Badulin answered the questions from the edition. For those who are following the project closely, nothing sensational has sounded, but for those who encounters the technology for the first time, this information will serve as a good "crib sheet" to understand the key point of the project and its current progress.

Journal Mir Dorog writes about SkyWay at the forum Intelligent transport systems of Russia



Translation of the article:

Sky Way

SkyWay is the concept of an elevated transport system, which has no analogues in the world. The Head of Targeted Projects Department at SkyWay Technologies Co. Kiryl Badulin explains its advantages.

— The SkyWay system transfers cargo traffic to a separate space - to the "second level". SkyWay vehicles run above the ground on a special string-rail overpass, which provides unprecedented safety and rational use of land and resources, increases the speed of transporting people and goods, minimizes the damage to the environment caused by transport, since the system uses electric power for its operation. The main elements of SkyWay transport-infrastructure complex are a continuous pre-stressed string-rail overpass and rail cars on steel wheels.

— Is this system still an idea or has it been already implemented and is operating?

— The current industrial models of SkyWay transport-infrastructure complexes - freight, urban and high-speed intercity types - are displayed in our EcoTechnoPark (test site) located near the town of Maryina Gorka, Belarus. The Expert Council of the Russian Ministry of Transport has acknowledged our technology as innovative in early 2016. Now we are proceeding with the certification of rolling stock and the preparation of Special Technical Regulations (STR) for our transport. As soon as these documents are completed, we will be ready to offer specific proposals to our Russian colleagues. In terms of commercial operation, we are actively working with India, Indonesia and the UAE; they are very interested to invest in project designing and construction of SkyWay routes on-site of their country. For instance, we have signed with India a Memorandum of Understanding to set up an assembly production facility in the state of Maharashtra, and we also proceed with negotiations on container and passenger traffic.

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