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13 March 2018


EcoTechnoPark objects are successfully passing state registration

A number of objects at the SkyWay testing center EcoTechnoPark in Maryina Gorka have been registered. Seven certificates (in Russian) on the objects of SkyWay transport testing center have been entered into the Unified National Register of Real estate and Rights to it. The registered objects include transport facilities, public utilities and exhibition samples of SkyWay transportation systems. EcoTechnoPark is constantly growing and increasing its demonstrating and testing range; more new facilities will be registered in the Unified Register of Belarus.

EcoTechnoPark objects are successfully passing state registration

EcoTechnoPark was commissioned in operation quite recently, in late 2017. EcoTechnoPark operation implies testing, improvement and stage-by-stage certification of SkyWay technology, as well as demonstration of products to customers of transport systems from various countries of the world. The Park was built on the site of wasteland within just a few years and has already become one of the largest enterprises in the economic structure of Pukhavichy district.

The peculiarities of unitruck operation on the track structure will be studied during the next performance trials at EcoTechnoPark. They will take place immediately after the completion of factory tests, which Dmitry Schidlovsky, expert on quality control in Skyway Technologies Co. commented previously.

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