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14 July 2018


Acceptance testing of double-rail unibus

Acceptance tests with the industrial sample of the innovative double-rail unibus U4-220-T2 are going on at SkyWay EcoTechnoPark for a week already. The vehicle has the total capacity of 48 passengers and consists of two transport modules. Introduction of such a vehicle on a traffic line allows to increase its efficiency significantly during peak hours in both directions and raise this figure up to 170,000 passengers per hour.

Acceptance testing of double-rail unibus

At the moment, an independent accredited organization, in cooperation with the Agency of Testing, Certification and Standardization and the design staff support from the Rolling Stock Directorate, are conducting tests with the submitted sample for compliance with the terms of technical specification and design documentation.

To date, the mass-dimensional features have already been checked, tests for strength and electrical safety have been carried out. The professionals have recently begun testing the traction and energy features of the 48-passenger unibus.

Acceptance testing of double-rail unibus

Brief specification

Unibus U4-220-T2 is intended for passenger transportation on urban and suburban routes along a double-rail track of a rail-string elevated type with a continuous circular traffic.

Passenger capacity, persons:

  • total: 48
  • seats: 16

Maximum speed, km/h:

  • operational: 100
  • designed: 150

Gradient capability, % (degrees): 15 (8.53)

Index of running smoothness, not more than: W 2.5

Microclimate maintenance system

Safety system:

  • ABS
  • ASR
  • anti-derailment system
  • computer vision system
  • collision avoidance system
  • individual rescue system
  • emergency communication system

Automatic towing device with a cam-type clamp

Automatic fire extinguishing system

Additional options:

  • multimedia system
  • baggage accommodation on request

Electricity (fuel) consumption at speeds, kWh/100 km (l/100 km):

  • 50 km/h: 17.7 (4.43)
  • 100 km/h: 22.0 (5.5)
  • 150 km/h: 33.2 (8.3)

Maximum range in autonomous mode, km: 200

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