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5 September 2019


EcoFest-2019 through participants’ eyes

Despite more than two weeks since the completion of EcoFest-2019, its festive atmosphere still generates positive emotions: the guests who attended EcoTechnoPark on August 17 this year, continue to share impressions on one of the brightest events of this summer in the Internet.

For example, the Lithuanian portal "Širvintų Kraštas" with the participation of Valentin Kurochkin, SkyWay project investor, has posted a publication introducing to its readers the latest SkyWay developments demonstrated at EcoFest-2019. (Note: there are some inaccuracies in the text of the article).

EcoFest-2019 through participants’ eyes

"The challenges facing SkyWay team guarantee us many discoveries and unique moments, and also reveal and bring to life the ideas that exist today in sci-fi movies..."

You can find dozens of videos dedicated to SkyWay EcoFest on YouTube under "EcoFest" inquiry. You can take a virtual tour around EcoTechnoPark and take a ride in string transport with their help.

Share your creativity in social networks, don’t forget to add the correct hashtag #EcoFest2019 to publications and, of course, send your posts to e-mail info@rsw-systems.com. Authors of the best materials will not only get into the news feed at the website of SkyWay Group of Companies, but will also get a bonus in the form of investment shares.

We appreciate your opinion: evaluate the publications on the website rsw-systems.com and also use the special form “Offer news” if you want to share an interesting news hook with SkyWay information service.

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