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15 September 2019


"Belarus Today": what technologies are being developed in Minsk?

A publication (in Russian) about SkyWay project organization was posted on the website of “Belarus Today” information portal. The company-developer of SkyWay transport systems is considered in the article as the Belarusian answer to California’s Silicon Valley:

"The comparison of the High-Tech Park in Kuprevich street with California’s Silicon Valley is not new. But few people know that Belarus can boast of other achievements that are not inferior to the American ones. We are talking about the transport systems of the future. The Internet is full of discussions about sluggish developments of Hyperloop and testing of unmanned vehicles in America that proceed with scandals. Meanwhile, work on a completely new type of transport — string transport — is in full swing in Minsk. It aims to solve many global challenges related to the environment, road collapse, accidents. And all this is treated by “SkyWay Technologies.”

Belarus Today: what technologies are being developed in Minsk?

The article also highlights the prospects for the development of SkyWay Technologies Co. and the main advantages of string transport. After all, it can become one of the ways to solve existing environmental and transportation problems.

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