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7 October 2019


Non-rocket industrialization of space: problems, ideas, projects

On June 21, 2019, the EcoTechnoPark hosted the II International Scientific and Technical Conference "Non-Rocket Industrialization of Space: Problems, Ideas, Projects". It resulted in the publication of a compendium of materials. It included the reports of speakers at the event, as well as the speech by Anatoliy Yunitskiy, General Designer of the SkyWay Technologies Co. and guests of honour at the conference, among which there were Hussain Al Mahmoudi, General Director of the American University of Sharjah (AUSE); Bapi Dash, Financial Director of the SkyWay Group of Companies; Pyotr Klimuk, Cosmonaut; and Yuriy Pliskachevskiy, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Non-rocket industrialization of space: problems, ideas, projects

The book provides a detailed description of the SpaceWay program, dedicated to the non-rocket exploration of near space. It also analyses social, economic, financial, resource, geopolitical and philosophical aspects to justify the inevitability of placing an environmentally hazardous component of the Earth's industry in orbit.

More than 30 years ago, Anatoliy Yunitskiy proposed the idea of delivery of cargoes to the near-Earth orbit by means of the General Planetary Vehicle (GPV). With its help, it will be possible not only to take all the harmful production outside of the planet Earth, but also to use the unique capabilities of outer space for the development of industry. Thus, the GPV is the only way to stop an environmental catastrophe, which is inevitable at the current rate of industrial development.

The following issues were also addressed by the speakers of the conference:

  • Social and Political Basis for the Implementation of the SpaceWay Program,
  • Innovative Business Models of the EcoMir Program Complex,
  • Readiness of Modern Digital Technologies for Development and Production of Astro-Engineering Facilities,
  • Methods of Solar Radiation Energy Conversion into Electricity for the Needs of "Orbita" Space Industrial Necklace
  • and many others.

"Today's rocket transport is causing enormous environmental damage and is economically inefficient. Geocosmic transport of the new generation should play a decisive role in the industrialization of space," said Anatoliy Yunitskiy.

You can read the introductory part of the book following the link.

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