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20 October 2019


Reduction of time and cost through simulation

SkyWay string transport is designed to become the most efficient, affordable, environmentally friendly and safe means of transporting passengers and cargo that ever existed. Looking at the beautiful technological vehicles and overpasses, few people think about the fact that this is the result of the work of almost 1,000 people. 86 Design Bureaus work every day to get closer to perfection. Employees of the engineering company constantly improve their professional knowledge and skills, learn new methods of work and software. For example, this autumn all specialists of Design Bureau “Engineering calculations” passed a seminar of professional development on the work with MSC. One software. In particular, seminars were held on the calculation of composite materials, on simulation of the dynamics and acoustics of vehicles. This will significantly increase the efficiency of SkyWay Technologies Co. during the project designing stage.

Reduction of time and cost through simulation

Using this opportunity, we will tell about the Design Bureau “Engineering calculations” in more detail. It interacts with such subdivisions as rolling stock Administration, Administration for transport overpasses, tooling and test equipment, design Administration, Administration for testing, certification and standardization. And also with the chief designers in all spheres.

Reduction of time and cost through simulation

The Bureau’s employees use daily sophisticated computer programs to develop key features of string-rail overpasses necessary for their safe and efficient operation, as well as data on tooling, equipment and rolling stock elements. The tasks of the calculators, as we call them, include simulation of the rolling stock operation and dynamics under various operating conditions, simulation of the dynamics of auxiliary mechanisms, as well as participation in performance trials at the final stage to make sure that the computer simulations are correct.

It is needed for discarding unviable models at the initial stage and to find out, without conducting expensive tests, whether the proposed solutions withstand the required load levels. Thanks to the optimization of structures, which is carried out by the Bureau, the Company significantly saves not only time but also funds. Engineers also check the safety of vehicles and track structures right at the project designing stage, studying a variety of features, for example, even bulletproof capacity of structures.

Reduction of time and cost through simulation

Other competencies of the Department: the use of the so-called 1D simulation at the early stages of design, modeling of crash tests of vehicles, conducting mechanical tests for verification and validation of Ucomputational models. One of the tasks is also training of students to solve computational problems.

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