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1 November 2019


Interview of SkyWay General designer to the publishing house Zvyazda

The oldest Belarusian edition Zvyazda has recently published a detailed interview (in Belarusian) with Anatoly Yunitskiy. Correspondent Vladimir Khilkevich talked with the General designer of Unitsky String Technologies Co. about the program of non-rocket exploration of near space — SpaceWay. Anatoly Yunitskiy again explained in detail the structure of a space station and EcoCosmoHouse living modules specifically for the edition.

EcoCosmoHouse will restore the best part of the Earths biosphere with all the required natural conditions: atmosphere, diversity of landscapes, living organisms, soils, biogeocenosis, aquatic ecosystems and so on. There is no need to pull along the entire flora and fauna of the Earth. Before the construction of EcoCosmoHouse in space, there will be created on Earth the prototypes that will serve as banks of required representatives of flora and fauna. Research and tests will be carried out based on these complexes. Thus, bioworld will be tested for viability and absence of harmful organisms experimentally.




Let us remind that in June 2019, the second International scientific and technical conference Non-rocket industrialization of space: problems, ideas, projects was held. It discussed the prospects for space exploration underpinned by the global environmental problems faced by mankind. The conference participants stated that the Earths biosphere is undergoing negative changes caused by the activities of modern technocratic civilization. Unless drastic actions are taken, we are all doomed to perish within two or three generations. One of the proposed solutions was the space program SpaceWay offered by Anatoly Yunitskiy.

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