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6 November 2019


SkyWay project passes over to new stage 14.1

SkyWay Group of Companies announces successful completion of stage 13 of development and transition to stage 14.1. The transition to the new development stage will take place on December 5, 2019 at 11.59 p.m. (Moscow time) and will bring about a decrease in the current discount.

This became possible due to a number of achievements of the Group of Companies since the previous change in June this year. Cooperation with representatives of the business community and authorities in the UAE has risen to a higher level. Taking into account this circumstance and acting in the interests of investors, the management decided to continue gradual reduction of the discount. In this regard, stage 14 will also be divided into several sub-stages. Thus, the Company provides investors with the opportunity to plan their own investment strategy more flexibly.

SkyWay project passes over to new stage 14.1

During the 13th stage, industry 4.0 was introduced in the Company’s work integrating the most sophisticated cyber-physical systems into production. The production facilities were updated: a new building was put into operation. SkyWay was announced among the experts of SDG (“Sustainable Development Goals”), a program adopted by the UN in 2000, officially known as “Transformation of our world: agenda on sustainable development for the period until 2030”. We have modernized the rolling surface on the truss overpass and carried out a series of preliminary tests of power supply systems, charging and elements of current collection from the track structure, checkup of new design solutions on power supply elements of rolling stock. The cargo complex appeared in a completed design. Tests of high-speed unibus began. A number of innovative developments in the field of safety systems, automated control systems, tooling and construction equipment came to life.

The plans for stage 14 include expansion of the project in the United Arab Emirates and further development of transport, energy and information technologies, establishment of new business and partnership ties.

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