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7 November 2019


Demonstration of start-up operations in the UAE

Start-up and commissioning works were carried out at the end of October this year in the United Arab Emirates within the first stage of SkyWay development and testing at the Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park). This is an important phase in the life of Unitsky String Technologies Co., which marked a new chapter in SkyWay history. In order for the event to take place, several dozen people did their best. A great desire to see unicar floating along a flexible track structure in the Arabian desert inspired the entire team. And they did everything required to realize the dream of investors, employees and Company’s management, as well as the General designer and string transport creator Anatoly Yunitskiy.

We express our gratitude to everyone who supported the Company in spirit, who was in contact 24/7 to promptly resolve issues arising during the work. We go on repeating “Thank you” to those who were staying in the Arab Emirates during these “hot” days personally and took part directly in start-up and commissioning operations. And, of course, we would like to point out separately the incredible merit of investors so that we could manage to do such a great amount of work in such a short time.

Thanks to uniting together efforts of a huge number of people, thanks to their experience, eagerness and commitment, we have successfully demonstrated operation of unicar in tropical version to a great number of people, including the press, business representatives and organizations interested in cooperation with SkyWay.

Demonstration of start-up operations in the UAE

The memorable photo captures only a part of the Company’s professionals, who were lucky enough to see firsthand how the roads of the future unfold in the desert. However, again, all this is the merit of a much larger number of people.

Demonstration of start-up operations in the UAE

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