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13 November 2019


String technologies: tenfold growth and new achievements

Moscow will host the XIII international forum and exhibition "Transport of Russia" just in a week, on November 19—21. All its participants and speakers will receive a new issue of the information and analytical journal "Transport strategy — XXI century", where the article (in Russian) "String technologies: tenfold growth and new achievements" was published.

String technologies: tenfold growth and new achievements

You can also find in this journal specializing on transport and logistics, interviews, reviews, and comments from chief executives of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, the State Duma, the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, CEOs of leading transportation companies, Presidents of republics and other major figures involved in this sector.

The oncoming issue of the publication was prepared on the occasion of the double anniversary — 210 years since the creation of the transport Agency and transport education in Russia, 15 years of the Federal Agencies under the Ministry of transport. We also decided to sum up the interim results and report on our achievements in this article:

"To date, we have already developed 11 fundamentally different models of innovative rail electric vehicles that were manufactured at our own production facility, created from scratch and equipped with modern machinery. Five models of transport have already received official certificates of conformity.

Based on one of the passenger models, namely — unicar, we have produced 2 modifications — a single car and a three-section articulated one, as well as made another brand new tropical modification with a 4-seater cabin in VIP-design.

Currently, 4 new models of electric rail vehicles are at the active development stage. Their novelty is fundamental and lies not so much in the structural aspect as in the ideology, methodologies and depth of integrated approaches being implemented."

"SkyWay research and production cluster (SWIC) is being built in Sharjah (UAE). Here, on the territory of 28 hectares, urban and freight transport complexes of all types will be presented: mounted and suspended, monorail and bi-rail, with a flexible, semi-rigid and rigid track structures, fundamentally improved and updated."

"Another significant event took place this year — SkyWay became one of the partners and experts of the UN program on sustainable development in the infrastructure technology "smart cities".

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