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15 November 2019


Japanese technologies in the service of SkyWay

As part of the capacity expansion program, a vertical 5-axis machining center of GENOS M460V-5AX model manufactured by the Japanese OKUMA Corporation was delivered to the 1st production workshop of Unitsky String Technologies Co. on November 5.

It is needed for processing odd-shaped parts that will be used in the assembly of SkyWay transport complexes, for example, motor housing or hydraulic units. Due to its features, the machine provides the highest accuracy of processing and is world famous. A robust design with two racks, full simultaneous control on 5 axes and high temperature resistance make it easy to cut a variety of materials.

OKUMA machining center was required in connection with the Company’s comprehensive plans for the implementation of targeted projects and became one of the first machines that will soon appear at the production site.

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