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24 November 2019


Rolling stock administration news

The Rolling Stock Administration staff have conducted early validation of the network equipment. That means they've tested the equipment and confirmed its reliability. Now it is safe to say that the on-board network will remain operational even in case of component failure.

The Administration is also engaged in a design developmental work of the shock absorber of our own production for the emergency towing device. It will allow to reduce both the weight and size of the system as well as its cost.

The first stage of testing of the microclimate system, assembled from components to be used on the newly developed vehicles for tropical climates, was carried out with the help of the compressor test bench of our own design. Now we're getting ready for the second stage of the test in the thermal chamber. They can be considered an early validation of exploitation in tropical climates. Based on the results of the second stage, it will be determined how efficient and reliable the system will work in real conditions.

Rolling Stock Administration News

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