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25 December 2019


SkyWay unimobile: plans for project development

In September 2018, SkyWay project organization showcased a unique prototype of an electric car for people with limited mobility at the exhibition in Moscow. The concept was called unimobile.

SkyWay unimobile: plans for project development

Work on the prototype was initiated as part of the tasks of upscaling and optimizing production processes and was conducted in parallel with the creation of a model range of industrial samples of SkyWay rolling stock. The electric car was created on the basis of Skyway engineering solutions and know-how. Its main idea was to create a unique, socially demanded product that could become the basis to set up a new segment at the services market for people with limited mobility.

Nevertheless, the management of the Company-developer of string transport decided to outsource the project, since the introduction of a new vehicle for mass production and certification required for this would take too much time and effort:

"We decided that it is necessary to focus directly on the creation of string transport and the entire infrastructure. Therefore, a third-party organization will be engaged with upgrading and serial production of unimobile. This project was submitted to it under special conditions that are a trade secret today. The main thing for us is that the work on the arrangement of mobility for people with disabilities did not stop and certain results were achieved."

Let us remind that recently the team worked on the projectís business model required to enter mass production, which usually takes up to 3 years. Perhaps, due to the increase in the number of electric filling stations, the demand for this vehicle will become even more obvious. Accordingly, unimobile will appear on the streets earlier.

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