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18 January 2017


General Designer of the SkyWay Anatoly Yunitskiy: String transport is ready for implementation in Ulyanovsk

After the statement of the Ulyanovsk region Governor Sergey Morozov at the Gaidar forum in Moscow on the intention to consider SkyWay technology as the solution for arranging transportation between airports in the city of Ulyanovsk, several regional media have posted on their websites relevant publications that caused lively discussions among the readers of these online resources.

An intensive feedback to Sergey Morozov's statement came primarily due to a number of transport problems typical not only for the Ulyanovsk region, but also for many other regions of the Russian Federation. The main ones are depreciation of rolling stock, poor condition of motor-roads, low travel speed and lack of comfort in public transport resulting in a general reduction of passenger traffic volume. An increasing number of people prefer personal vehicles and fixed-route transport that leads to unregulated growth of motorization, traffic congestion, increased amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere and reduction of the level of road traffic safety.

One can say definitely that modern approaches to the optimization of the urban passenger transport operation (renewal of rolling stock, repair of roads, expansion of highways) are capable to solve the existing problems of the industry for some time only. The adequate way out of this situation is feasible only with an integrated approach. The possible basis for it are SkyWay engineering solutions that allow not only to neutralize negative factors, but also to ensure further successful development of urban transport infrastructure and other sectors of the economy both for Ulyanovsk and other regions of Russia.

Cooperation between Sergey Morozov and SkyWay author Anatoly Yunitskiy has a long history. In 2010 Anatoly Yunitskiy worked out a number of projects (in Russian) for the Ulyanovsk region. Experts have confirmed the economic efficiency of their implementation. For a number of reasons beyond the control of the initiators of these projects, the construction of string of tracks did not start at that time, however, neither the author of string transport, nor the Head of the Ulyanovsk administration did not abandon their intentions and it was confirmed in the recent statement of the Governor.

General Designer of the SkyWay Anatoly Yunitskiy: String transport is ready for implementation in Ulyanovsk



On his part, the General Designer of the SkyWay transport Anatoly Yunitskiy confirmed the readiness of his design Company to continue cooperation with Ulyanovsk. "After the Governor Sergey Morozov visited the SkyWay display stand at the exhibition "Transport of Russia" in December 2016, I have sent him a letter with words of gratitude for the longstanding support of the SkyWay project," explained Anatoly Yunitskiy. "He was the only person that put forward a proposal to implement string transport at the meeting of the State Council on innovations in 2009. The courage to stand up against the established opinion characterizes him as a brave and enterprising person. To my mind, any official should have such qualities. I consider him not only a partner, but also a like-minded person".

Cooperation between Sergey Morozov and SkyWay author Anatoly Yunitskiy has a long history

Regarding the criticism expressed in Sergey Morozov's address and his proposed initiative, SkyWay General Designer noticed that critics, for the most part, overlook the fact that "the construction of SkyWay routes is aimed not only at solving current problems in securing transport communications. This infrastructure is designed for long-term operation (up to 100 years). It is primarily referred to the development of the region, for which the SkyWay transport may become one of the key starting points. Those, who say that there is no need to connect the airports and mention a small passenger traffic in them, are simply short-sighted, as a large part of the inveterate skeptics are short-sighted. In this regard I want to remind an episode from the history of rail transport: the steam locomotive inventor George Stephenson had to employ a special bouncer for the world's first railway to disperse the angry crowd ready, literally, to lay down their lives to save humanity from the fire-breathing metal monster."

Anatoly Yunitskiy has confirmed his readiness to hold a meeting with the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region and expressed full willingness to cooperate. The nearest plans include a visit of Sergey Morozov to Belarus, where he will be able to see personally the achievements of the project design Company, to visit the pilot production facility and the SkyWay demonstration center.

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